SuperM goes behind the scenes of “One (Monster and Infinity)” for Vevo Footnotes

KPOP’s SuperM has partnered with Vevo for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the music video for One (Monster and Infinity) in the latest installment of Vevo Footnotes. Band members KAI and TAEMIN along with music video producer Beomjin, songwriting duo Moonshine, and choreographer Vata discuss the making of the song and video.
A complete outline of ONE (MONSTER AND INFINITY) | Vevo Footnotes” are listed below:
(00:06) Narration: “One (Monster & Infinity)” is from SuperM’s first full-length album, Super One.
(00:12) BAEKHYUN, TAEMIN, KAI, TAEYONG, TEN, LUCAS, and MARK are the members ofSuperM.”
(00:20) Moonshine, Songwriters: “Hearing the melody of the chorus for the first time gave us goosebumps. From that point, we knew we were onto something very special.”
(00:28) Moonshine, Songwriters: “When writing “Infinity,” we were heavily inspired by the electronic soundscape from Tron: Legacy, the big choirs and organs from Inception, and Interstellar.
(00:34) For “Monster” we aimed for a slightly more aggressive sound, much like the soundtracks from movies such as Suicide Squad.”
(00:42) Narration: BAEKHYUN developed part of the choreography in the early morning before the video shoot.
(00:52) VATA, Choreographer: “BAEKHYUN made everyone laugh almost every moment we practiced.”
(1:02) Beomjin, Music Video Producer: “The set consists of two different backgrounds. One is the outside of a facility where the members are trying to awaken their inner selves.
(1:07) The other is a virtual prison where the inner villain is asleep.”
(1:16) Beomjin, Music Video Producer: ‘We designed it to be modern but cold and desolate, like in a vampire movie.”
(1:28) KAI: “I don’t know if fans know, but when we wore black and neon clothes, the set concept was inspired by a cemetery. I really liked it.”
(1:39) TAEMIN: “There are many hidden elements related to the character’s universe. For example, we express the fact that we’re from outer space by wearing a lens in one eye.”
(1:47) VATA, Choreographer: “SuperM was the inspiration for the choreography. I imagined how they would actually dance and how they would express their emotions.
(1:52) We only had four days to revise the early version’s choreography. Despite the short time, SuperM and staff members put lots of effort into it.
(1:56) And as a result, the final choreography came out really cool.”
(2:03) KAI: “I had to bulk up when filming the music video of “Tiger Inside,” but shortly after that, I went on a diet for “One (Monster & Infinity).
(2:09) It was quite difficult.”
(2:16) Beomjin, Music Video Producer: “We had looked through some classical superhero and animation films and decided to create a virtual movie of a hero finding the power in himself, or a villain trying to escape from prison.
(2:21) We wanted to present the two-faced SuperM.”
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