Santa Mosh 2020 Brings Moshing And Holiday Cheer To The City Of Brotherly Love


After a year that has brought suffering across the world, only one man could help restore joy and bring merry cheer to all.  Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick is known to travel by sleigh as he makes his way around the world.  But in the city of Philadelphia, he decided to try something a little bit different.  As a bit of tribute to the original Santa Mosh video that had been put together by the Hardcore powerhouse label Victory Records and soundtracked by Bury Your Dead’s “The Color of Money”.

For this new incarnation, Santa or Chuck Pratt in this case, can been seen scrolling through his phone looking for the prefect song to literally kick things off.  Knocked Loose‘s “Denied By Fate” would be our background music as we visit the sights on Santa’s journey.

This reincarnation of the holiday classic was the brain child of videographer and ex-Death Do Us Part member Kurt Fowles.  With an idea and a simple post asking if anyone would be interested in the part of Santa, the idea became a reality just a couple days later.  As the windmills and high kicks whip around like a red felt tornado we find ourselves at famous city landmarks like Geno’s Steaks in South Philly, the Rocky Steps at the Art Museum and even under the Christmas tree at City Hall.

Some of the highlights would have to be the bystanders looking on in total confusion as they wouldn’t know moshing if they caught a roundhouse to the chops.  Two stepping across intersections as people avoid being taken out was one of my favorite scenes and we can’t leave out the terror on the face of the guy eating pizza.

Reading about this phenomenal video can’t begin to do it justice so I made it easier for you all and all you have to do is hit play.  But you have to do your part and share the hell out of it and help close out 2020 with gifting the world of Santa Mosh 2020. Happy Holidays!