EMPERORS NIGHT Releases Official Music Video For “Not A Soul In Sight”

Releases Official Music Video For
“Not A Soul In Sight”
Debut EP Driving At Pace Out Now!
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“Emperors Night’s signature sound of powerful vocals, distorted guitars mixed with introspective lyrics and tumbling pianos creates a unique sound that makes you want to let loose and rock on.”
– 1st Day Fresh
“Driving At Pace is an intriguing and mature musical outing from this emerging trio who have really captured the essence of our collective feelings as we turn the page on the year 2020.”
– V13 Media
Los Angeles, CA – December 7, 2020 – Emerging alt-rock band Emperors Night has released the official music video for their song “Not A Soul In Sight,” off the New Zealand-born, Toronto-based trio’s debut EP, Driving At Pace. PRESS HERE to watch and check out the first look with V13 Media. “Not A Soul In Sight” was written just after the COVID-19 lockdown began in the spring. The eerie emptiness on the streets of downtown Toronto, the band’s adopted hometown this past year, inspired the moody, classic rock-style track. Resounding piano, serpentine bass, and ragged guitar all take turns supporting a haunting lead vocal, telling a story that will no doubt resonate with many people living through the events currently going on in the world, while offering a glimpse of hope. PRESS HERE to listen to Driving At Pace.
“In times of uncertainty, where do we turn for stability, to anchor ourselves against the tide?,” asks the band. “‘Not A Soul In Sight’ was sparked by an eerie moment looking down from a top floor apartment in Toronto during lockdown and seeing an empty city lying still beneath us. Expressed in the song are the thoughts and feelings it provoked within us at the time. The video, which features the three of us brothers in lonely empty scenes, is a reflection of something we felt fortunate to have during these times – each other to rely on, contrasting moments of personal isolation with the strength found in bonds of family and friendship.”
Driving At Pace, released mid-November, is the independent, introductory collection from the trio of brothers. The 5-song EP moves through a variety of moods and sounds, but the one thing that defines the songs is the band’s commitment to equality between the instruments. Each takes their turn in the spotlight, often weaving in and out and around each other in harmony. Lead single and title track “Driving At Pace,” which was inspired by various experiences and trips the brothers have taken together all around the world, is a perfect encapsulation of the Emperors Night sound. Strong vocal melodies, thoughtful lyrics, tumbling piano lines, and fuzzed out guitar all blend and build to a soaring last chorus with Dhyan’s vocal lifting to meet the crashing music head on. PRESS HERE to watch the music video for “Driving At Pace.”
The Chalmers brothers – Anand (guitars, production), Bud (vocals, piano) and Dhyan (vocals, bass) – have always had music-making on their radar, writing songs together from an early age. By late 2019, they found themselves with a 21-song set of original music, but not many places to perform in the little beach town they were living in on the east coast of Australia. So, they packed up and moved to North America with high hopes for the coming year…and then, in 2020, the world changed. With no way of knowing when live music would start again, and now stuck in Toronto, the brothers set about making the best of the situation and busied themselves with recording sessions – all from the various Airbnbs they lived in over the course of the year. Emperors Night has arrived with a collection of songs and an original sound that is both intriguing and unfettered.
Look for more original music from Emperors Night to come in 2021!
1.      Driving At Pace
2.      Not A Soul In Sight
3.      Pink Taffeta
4.      A Midnight Face
5.      Together
Cover art for ‘Driving At Pace’ EP
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