“Vol. 4 [Redux]” WHORES premiere ‘Cornucopia’

“Vol. 4 [Redux]”

WHORES ‘Cornucopia’ taken from “Vol. 4 [Redux]”
WHORES have premiered ‘Cornucopia’ via official media partner Brooklyn Vegan at the following link: www.brooklynvegan.com/listen-to-whores-cover-black-sabbaths-cornucopia-from-vol-4-redux 

WHORES‘ cover of the BLACK SABBATH classic ‘Cornucopia’ is the second single taken from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment “Vol. 4 [Redux]”. More information about the record can be found below.

‘Cornucopia’ is now also available via YouTube:
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Christian Lembach shares his thoughts on Black Sabbath and “Vol. 4”: “I remember hearing Black Sabbath for the first time in Boy Scouts, believe it or not”, reveals the WHORES vocalist and guitarist. “I was predictably terrified. It seemed sincerely evil to my boyish ears. At this point in my life, I hadn’t even entered my hair metal stage, let alone my thrash, punk, and hardcore stage – so the sound of a dark and downtuned band from a working-class factory town in England seemed like it came from another planet. I’ve obviously grown up since then, and I’ve seen and experienced enough legitimately scary stuff of my own. I’m able to tap into that feeling though, and I do it often. Legends for a reason. It was cool that we got to do ‘Cornucopia’, because it’s not a typical song to cover. When we were learning the basic structure of the song we found out very quickly why the song is called ‘Cornucopia’. The song starts in 4/4, switches to 12/8 and back to 4/4, and then the middle section is in 3/4! We smoothed it all out to 4/4 though, because we’re cavemen and proud of it, ha!”

WHORES hail from Atlanta, Georgia and have been classified by critics as a noise rock band. The Americans released two EPs “Ruiner” (2011) and “Clean” (2013) before hitting the world hard with their debut full-length “Gold” in 2016. The trio has extensively toured the US, sharing stages with brothers and sisters in spirit such as MELVINS, DEAFHAVEN, KYLESA, RED FANG, BLACK TUSK, and IRON REAGAN.

1. THOU – Wheels of Confusion
2. THE OBSESSED – Tomorrow’s Dream
3. HIGH REEPER – Changes
5. SPIRIT ADRIFT – Supernaut
6. GREEN LUNG – Snowblind
7. WHORES – Cornucopia
8. TONY REED – Laguna Sunrise
9. HAUNT – St. Vitus Dance
10. ZAKK SABBATH – Under the Sun
Magnetic Eye bows at the Birmingham altar to celebrate BLACK SABBATH’s 50th anniversary with an offering of an end-to-end re-imagining of “Vol. 4”, which still remains as one of the most acclaimed albums in the canon of these godfathers of heavy metal.

A pantheon of metal and doom heavyweights, including some of metal’s most famously SABBATH-inspired icons, pay homage to “Vol. 4”, which witnessed the masters expanding their minds over their weighty foundation.

“Vol. 4 [Redux]” features stunning takes on each song from that indisputable classic, which includes unique tributes among others by ZAKK SABBATH, MATT PIKE, THE OBSESSED, HAUNT, THOU, and SPIRIT ADRIFT.

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Available formats
► Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition white/purple marble vinyl
► Limited edition yellow vinyl
► Worldwide edition black vinyl

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