Chamber Premiere New Single “Visions of Hostility”

Premiere New Single “Visions of Hostility”
Stream Exclusively via Decibel Magazine
Photo by Errick Easterday (Hi-Res)
Debut Album Cost of Sacrifice Due Out October 23
on Pure Noise Records
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September 15,2020 – Nashville, TN – Nashville hardcore band Chamber are premiering their new single “Visions of Hostility” exclusively today via Decibel Magazine. “Even in the context of a record that deftly and repeatedly reconfigures and re-imagines sonic brutality in myriad ways ‘Visions of Hostility’ stands out as a particularly potent and nasty metallic hardcore anthem,” writes Decibel. “Visions of Hostility” is the latest single from the band’s upcoming debut album Cost of Sacrifice due out October 23 on Pure Noise Records. The album is available now for pre-order here:
In its entirety, Cost of Sacrifice, produced by Randy LeBoeuf, is a gob-smacking, life-affirming, invigorating smack across the face to anyone who dares to despair that the genre’s salad days are forgotten. Angry, ferocious, mournful and at times blissfully melodic, Chamber deal in devilish speed and frantic nervosa, without sacrificing unrelenting heaviness. Emotional confessions abound in the lyrics, with a plainspoken examination of trauma and personal upheaval, befitting the music.
Chamber offer a stark reminder of the true spirit of hardcore, when the authentic community becomes a shelter for outcasts and outsiders. The Nashville band has blazed a trail in clubs and theaters in North America and the UK, sharing stages with CounterpartsCan’t Swim and Gideon. The band are at the vanguard of a full-on throat-ripping revival, in attitude and spirit, stubbornly pushing forward, with their own signature on what was in danger of becoming a lifeless genre. Chamber are champions of the outcast, with a foot in the past and fists banging at the future.
Cost of Sacrifice:
1. Fracture
2. Scars in Complex Patterns
3. Paranoia Bleeds
4. Visions of Hostility
5. Impulse
6. In Cleansing Fire
7. Numb (Transfuse)
8. The Edge of Every Lie
9. Disassemble Reassemble
10. Cost of Sacrifice
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