breakout artist Noah Cunane delivers an addictive party anthem with new track & official video “Vampire”     

breakout artist Noah Cunane delivers
 an addictive party anthem
with new track & official video
Today, Noah Cunane releases his new single and video, “Vampire” another addictive track accompanied by an electric visual- watch HERE. The track has a pulsing, riotous beat that will surely get fans on their feet. “Vampire” will transport you to a night out, dancing the night away, when a fascinating stranger catches your eye and sparks a whirlwind romance. With this release, Noah gifts fans with his signature rhythmic voice and catchy lyrics, but “Vampire” introduces fans to a new side of Noah’s music. This track has a more punk/pop/hip hop vibe, which Noah notes as his favorite style of music to make. About the song’s unique sound, Noah says “I grew up listening to a lot of rock/punk so I love being able to mix it into some of my songs and show you guys more versatility in my music.”  With “Vampire”, Noah was inspired by the nightlife scene in New York City and Los Angeles. On the track, he reminisces about fun nights going out with friends, meeting a mysterious girl at the club that sucks him in. The cool-toned monochromatic music video for “Vampire” is fitting for the song’s theme. The video features Noah front and center, his undeniable presence shining through in every frame. Noah definitely knows how to produce an endlessly-playable and indulgent song, and “Vampire” is just that, adding a new multi-genre twist to the sound fans know and love.
Vampire is about when you meet a girl and she doesn’t really care about anything but partying and staying out until the sunrise and sleeps all day but she entices you every time you’re with her to do the same and you just end up not caring enough to say no because of how much fun she is. When I was living in NYC, I was stuck in the club scene partying all the time and sleeping all day. It was one of the best times of my life but it definitely catches up to you. It always makes me smile when I listen to ‘Vampire’ just thinking about those nights dancing with random people at 4am.” — Noah Cunane on “Vampire”
Noah Cunane is a rare talent and brilliant songwriter, with the capability of resonating with listeners, regardless of the setting. Noah Cunane’s music has the versatility to be played while you work from home, alone in your bedroom, or blasted on your Saturday night Zoom. Noah has the ability to transcend genres and blur the boundaries between alternative, pop, and R&B, all while uniting listeners over intimate shared experiences. Noah is “a small town kid who chased a dream” making music with heart, defiance, and artistry. He is surely a star on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
About Noah Cunane
Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Noah moved around throughout his childhood, residing in small towns such as Westchester, PA where he frequently got stuck behind horse and buggy. Music, however, was a constant. He devoted countless hours to learning guitar, and tirelessly worked towards actualizing his dream of music. At a mere 15-years-old, he made the move, alone, to China for a pop star training camp, and joined pop group C5.  It was there he exteriorized his work ethic and cut his teeth in the music industry; performing on Chinese television, appearing on talk shows, recording, and ultimately returning to the States with the newfound wisdom that he wanted his music to be solely his own. Noah’s music started to make waves as he generated hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays under the name of Sachi, ultimately changing to Noah Cunane as he found his footing in the music scene.  Moving to Los Angeles full time, Noah linked with producers such as Roy Lenzo [Lil Nas X] and perfected his signature style. As buzz reached a boiling point, Noah landed a deal with 300 Entertainment and released singles “Medicine” and “Miami.” This is only the beginning for Noah Cunane!
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