DEEPER GRAVES: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Last Transmission” Video; Open Roads Debut From Chrome Waves Solo Project Out Now On Disorder Recordings

See DEEPER GRAVES’ “Last Transmission” HERE.
Open Roads, the expansive debut album from newly-formed DEEPER GRAVES – the solo project of Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Wolvhammer) is out now on Disorder Recordings. The act now offers a gripping official video for the record’s “Last Transmission,” through a premiere hosted by Decibel Magazine.
Far removed from the metal output he is known for releasing over the past two decades or more, with DEEPER GRAVES, Wilson creates lush soundscapes and slow-paced rock movements that venture further into the realms of his post-punk, shoegaze, and alternative influences, with elements tracing to foundational acts like Bauhaus and Joy Division. With nearly forty minutes of music stretched over six expansive tracks, DEEPER GRAVES Open Roads sees Wilson handling all writing, instrumentation, production, and more with several special guest contributions, including vocals from Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House, Brain Tentacles) and actress/musician Darja Vaarsi (California Widow), and cello from composer/musician Chris Brown (Kakophonix).
The “Last Transmission” video was directed by Ralph Alexander, produced by Darja Vaarsi, and stars Sierra Collins and Glenn Gannon, and Darja Vaarsi.
Offers Vaarsi, “This song originated as a cosmonaut so broken by life and love that they sought to die in the furthest reaches possible: outer space, hence the Russian element and title: ‘Last Transmission.’ We decided to convey the story as a former cult member that has a triggering dream bringing her back to reliving the day a mass suicide occurred. Nothing is more real than feeling love, loss, or pain; you can change the characters and setting but the feelings and effects remain the same. People can do terrible things to you but then portray a different version of themselves to society; this is especially true in abusive relationships which is a topic I’ve visited before. Someone can shatter your life and go into the world with a shining beaming face, thus it’s difficult to know what the truth is and often these invisible monsters are a burden endured alone. Speaking from personal experience, I would rather people feel angry, stand their ground, and fight back than be defeated as ultimately that’s what they want, and it’ll only destroy you. It’s been a very difficult and dark time collectively for everyone so I’m glad we were able to band together and create something that may resonate with others. This was my first time producing a music video or filming myself, it was a long-distance collaboration between a tight knit group of artistic friends that was shot and completed last minute.”
“Jeff Wilson is having a productive 2020, COVID-19 or not, Decibel writes in part, “The Chrome Waves bandleader is ready for his second album of the year with that band, as well as Open Roads, the debut album from new group DEEPER GRAVES. Playing lush alternative and post-punk with a hint of shoegaze, DEEPER GRAVES achieve the same unconventional feeling that Wilson has produced in past bands like Chrome Waves, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams, and Wolvhammer..”
See DEEPER GRAVES’ “Last Transmission” video at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.
Open Roads is out now on all digital platforms and limited CD through Wilson’s own Disorder Recordings HERE, and the previously released video for “Leave This World” is playing HERE.
Watch for more on DEEPER GRAVES to see release later this year, with split releases with several acts and more currently in the planning stages.
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