Vio-Lence launches video for digital single, “California Uber Alles” – a cover version of the Dead Kennedys classic!

Today (August 20th), Vio-Lence has released a new digital single: “California Uber Alles” – a cover version of the Dead Kennedys classic! The band also recently filmed a video (directed by Scott Kirkeeng) for the track, which can be viewed here:

Vio-Lence comments: “Being musicians in the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene, Vio-Lence believes it is important to acknowledge the music that had a huge influence on thrash metal – which was Bay Area punk rock. With that in mind, Vio-Lence looked to one of the most influential bands of that scene – The Dead Kennedys – and their iconic song ‘California Uber Alles’ to perform.
‘California Uber Alles’ is a song Vio-Lence has been wanting to perform live for some time. We decided that since we weren’t going to be able to do that this year, and since fans haven’t heard any recordings from Vio-Lence since 1994, that now was a good time to bring it to our fans. We recorded it in our rehearsal studio with our new line-up of Phil Demmel, Perry Strickland, Christian Olde Wolbers, Bobby Gustafson, and Sean Killian. So we hooked up the recording equipment and got to work. On a good day, it was about 95 deg. F, which was a motivator to nail our takes to minimize the time we had to sweat. Once the song was recorded, Christian headed home to Venice and got to work mixing and mastering the recording. We all agree that he did a great job, giving the song excellent sound without losing the raw rehearsal studio sound that we wanted to keep.
Once recorded, the band moved onto the task of filming a video for the song. We met with Scott Kirkeeng, Senior Producer with East Peak Media, to discuss ideas. With Scott heading the production, Dan Brown editing, and Tatiana Peavy working the music playback, the video shoot began. We spent the day filming at The Back Lounge, a bar owned by Phil and Marta Demmel. The location must keep be confidential for fear of the California Secret Police locking us up for life. The band invited 10 friends, including Chris Collins (the guy wearing the helmet camera in the ‘World in a World’ video) and family members (including Sean’s son, Seamus), to join in the fun as masked zombie metal maniacs. Nurse Marta ‘Demmon’ showed up to give the band a shot of ‘OBEE-D-ENCE’, which was emphatically rejected. We had a great time recording and filming the video and song, and we hope you enjoy the Vio-Lence version of ‘California Uber Alles’.”

Photo credit: James Willard

An important part of the SF Bay-Area Thrash Metal scene was, and still is, the quintet known as Vio-Lence. Formed in 1985, they entered that scene with the intentions of being the most aggressive band that scene had to offer, always delivering a devastating live show complete with vicious mosh pits and constant stage diving by their faithful following, and a nonstop dose of adrenaline delivered by the band. Even though they had not performed since 2003, their frantic style of thrash metal still appeals to metal-heads around the world. Now they’re reformed and back with their intense live performance and their frantic music. Joining original members Perry Strickland (Drums), Sean Killian (Vocals) and Phil Demmel (Guitars) are legendary artists Bobby Gustafson (Guitars) and Christian Olde Wolbers (Bass), creating a formidable five-some ready to take the world by the throat. Currently writing their most brutal material to-date as a 2021 release for Metal Blade Records, Vio– are preparing to cover as much global ground as possible. Be ready, Violence is coming…

Vio-Lence line-up:
Sean Killian – Vocals
Perry Strickland – Drums
Phil Demmel – Guitars
Bobby Gustafson – Guitars
Christian Olde Wolbers – Bass

Vio-Lence online: