BANISHER: Ghost Cult Magazine Premieres “Lockdown” Video From Polish Death Metal Outfit; Degrees Of Isolation Full-Length Out Now On Selfmadegod Records

photo by Łukasz Jaszak
See BANISHER’s “Lockdown” video HERE.
Polish death metal quartet BANISHER has issued another new video from their fourth album, Degrees Of Isolation, which saw release through Selfmadegod Records in February. The new visual accompaniment to “Lockdown” today sees its release through a premiere at Ghost Cult Magazine.
BANISHER‘spowerful lineup includes current and former members of Decapitated, Belphegor, Vital Remains, Hate, Redemptor, and Shodan. Degrees Of Isolation delivers eight new songs recorded at Invent-Sound Studio.
Offers guitarist Hubert Więcek, “‘Lockdown’ is a song about feelings, emotions, and daily habits of an incarcerated person. ‘Lockdown’ is also a term used in jails to describe a certain period of time, when the person is being held in solitary with no option to leave the cell until that period ends. Every hour, every day, and every week feels like it lasts ten times longer. Because of lack of activities, except physical workout, reading books (that is a privilege not always given to every inmate, even if, the most common book that is available is the Bible), and very rarely playing cards (very low possibility to get those), the sanity of a person in custody is being on the verge of being lost. Counting days on the wall, waiting from trial to trial, waiting for any information about your situation feels like eternity. Because of no sight of daylight or night, the only measurement of the time of the day is the delivery of the meals. Thousands of thoughts, memories and scenarios are coming through your mind, but freedom is the only thing that you are dreaming of.”
Więcek continues, “During recent circumstances all around the world due to COVID-19 pandemia and lockdowns, lots of people might’ve thought that they could identify themselves with similar feelings that are being told in the song. But the truth and reality are way beyond what they would not even dream of. Being in your own house, having your own TV, Netflix, internet, PC, your favorite books and games, eating the food you like, going to the toilet, having a shower or bath whenever you want and having it with privacy, seeing daylight, being with your closest family and most importantly being a free person  are all the privileges that people are forgetting here. People should embrace and appreciate those things, because they have absolutely no idea how it is really like to lose it.”
See BANISHER’s “Lockdown” video at Ghost Cult Magazine RIGHT HERE.
Degrees Of Isolation is out now on CD, limited box CD, and digital via the Selfmadegod Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Also watch the previously released video for “Extradition” HERE.
Since their 2005 formation, BANISHER has delivered a captivating style of brutal death metal loaded with technical precision and an experimental/sci-fi flair, releasing albums through Torn Flesh Records, Unquiet Records, Deformeathing Production, as well as several independent demos and EPs. Their fourth album, Degrees Of Isolation appears to be the most diverse, mature, and both musically and technically advanced album they have ever captured. The lyrics are based on true events, which makes the music on Degrees Of Isolation all the more dark and depressive. Every song tackles the feelings and emotions experienced throughout incarceration, being held in custody, and after being acquitted.
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