R&B Artist QUINN DEVEAUX Premieres “Good Times Roll” on Glide

Soul, Country, Blues and R&B Showman
Premieres the Joyous Melody
of “Good Times Roll” via Glide Magazine

Second Video and Single from
Fourth Album BOOK OF SOUL

Photo credit: Elena Kulikova
Following the release of his retro R&B soul extravaganza, Book Of Soul (QDV Records), Nashville musician QUINN DEVEAUX is offering another look into the passionate and electric synergies of his live band with the second single and energetic studio performance video “Good Times Roll.”

Quinn dives deeper into the motivation that kicked off his writing of the track to Glide (HERE), who premiered the video today, “I wrote ‘Good Times Roll’ after meeting a couple I had a crush on,” says Quinn.  “I was about to play their wedding and their vibe was just so cool. Their love was infectious, and I went home and wrote a song about what it felt like to me. I don’t think I ever told them. I hope they’re well. I get tired of writing about myself, so I love when I meet people that I am so obviously inspired by.  I like to step outside of my mind for a while and pretend to be other people.  Just good fun.”

Quinn notes about the filming of this video, “We had just gotten back from our Russian tour in 2019 and we were pumped to play these songs and this session. The post tour band is a mad band, indeed.  It takes a while to get used to the camera right up on your face like that.  I am trying to lose myself in songs and not care that I’m being so intimately covered.  The band helps with this ‘cause once I get into a groove with them it’s like there’s only us and I’m listening for the connection we’re making and there’s no time to consider cameras.”

Quinn DeVeaux  “Good Times Roll”
The video features Quinn’s stylish eight-piece band picking up the party again at The Sanctuary in Nashville.  “The Sanctuary is a red rimmed room in Nashville, and I’ve been to several rehearsals or recordings there,” he explains.  “Mikie Martel and Amanda Broadway run that spot and it just feels like a good room to make a recording in.  It has that old church comfortable feel I’m looking for.  I was late to the session because I meant to buy a new suit beforehand.  I went to the spot where I had been eyeing this one particular suit, but when I got there, I discovered the sale had ended the day before and the market price was not something I was willing to afford.”

“Good Times Roll” is the perfect feel-good anthem needed right now.  It is another vibrant studio performance from Quinn and his band that mirrors his raucous, rollicking live shows that pack venues and dancefloors – this time, New Orleans rhythm and blues style.  The video showcases the dynamic musicianship of Quinn’s band augmented by honkytonk piano, driving horn section solos and fiery back-up singing while Quinn beckons the listener to “Roll to your very soul.”

Book of Soul

1. Been Too Long
2. All I Need
3. Come On Home
4. Take Me Home
5. I Think About You
6. Gimme Your Love
7. Walk And Talk
8. Take Me To Glory
9. Good Times Roll
10. Trouble
11. Home At Last
12. Stay The Night

Quinn spent his early years in Gary, Indiana (birthplace of The Jackson 5) living with his grandmother, a former jazz singer. Though Quinn’s early years were rooted in church choir, blues, old-school country and soul were in his blood. In his early 20s, Quinn headed west to Oakland with just a guitar and his golden voice, settling in the Mission District, where he became a founding member of the local group Blue Roots.

He then went on to form Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review and released a string of well-regarded albums that garnered accolades from the Bay Area music press. Book of Soul was recorded over two days in Oakland and three days in Nashville, where Quinn currently resides.  All the tracks are a modern culmination of soul, country, blues and R&B. “All I Need” is no exception, making Quinn’s composition of all those influences his own. As American Songwriter raved, “Partly a love letter to soul and its pioneers, Book of Soul isn’t a mere homage to the greats. It’s their infusion into his musical soul, personal retrospect, and ultimately a regeneration of soul’s spirits past.”