Jesse Dayton’s “Gulf Coast Sessions” Out Today – The Jesse Dayton Station on Gimmie Country Announced!

Gimmie Country Launches 24-Hour Jesse Dayton Radio Station

Social gatherings are out of the question (or should be), so Dayton re-creates a bayou party on the new EP Gulf Coast Sessions, out Friday.” – Rolling Stone , July 22, 2020

(Austin, TX) – July 24, 2020 – Jesse Dayton, the Austin-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and filmmaker releases his newest EP, Gulf Coast Sessions (Blue Élan Records), today.  The EP is a collection of original songs inspired by the music he was raised on while growing up in Beaumont, TX; experiencing the sounds of the area from Beaumont to New Orleans.  A video for single “Lo-Fi Lover”, shot during quarantine, features Jesse playing all of the instruments on the song, as he did for the album. Jesse will be streaming live, via his Facebook page, today – tune in for the Gulf Coast Sessions release dance party at 7:00 pm CT/8pm ET.

Also announced today, Gimme Country Radio is launching a 24-hour Jesse Dayton stand-alone station in the Gimme Country app. The Jesse Dayton Station is the first station of its kind for the three-year old Gimme Radio organization. Fans can download the Gimme Country app for free and listen to full episodes of Jesse’s ‘Badass Country Show’ in addition to a curated playlist, 24-7. Recent guests on his weekly show have included: Joe Ely, Rhett Miller, Raul Malo from The Mavericks, Kathy Valentine (The GoGo’s), John Doe of X, Reverend Payton, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Scott Biram and more.

Excited about playing his favorites, Dayton says, “We’ll be covering all kinds of outlaw music, from old school country to old school punk, to old school blues to new and upcoming things that you probably haven’t heard. I’ve been collecting records since I was a little kid so I’m sure I got a few tunes that you haven’t heard yet.”

The Gulf Coast Sessions was inspired by that Interstate 10 area from Beaumont to New Orleans, where I was raised and where the old music was still going strong in the 70’s when I was a kid,” explained Jesse about the sentiment behind the recording. “East Texas African-American blues and gospel was everywhere, with lots of revival church music on the radio. I thought about all of these scenarios while we were making this raw little stripped-down record. It’s all Gulf Coast house party music with East Texas Blues, Red Hot Zydeco and New Orleans R&B.”

The Gulf Coast Sessions EP was recorded on the back porch of friend Clay Connell’s old house-turned-vintage-shop Roadhouse Rags in South Austin.  Taking the spirit of Jesse’s childhood memories, the results are a raw, stripped down house party fun!

“It’s loaded with vibe and reminds me of the music the grownups played at the hurricane parties I went to as a kid.”

Through his decades-long career, Jesse Dayton has become one of the music industry’s best kept secrets and valuable weapons with a sound that blends rock, blues, old school country, punk-rock and zydeco.  Jesse also recently finished the first draft for his forthcoming book, due for release in 2021.

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