Today – J.D. King, member of The Olms with friend and bandmate Pete Yorn, releases his new album Moon Gardens.
Moon Gardens is described as a “three year experiment to find the highest level analog sonics, totally original songwriting methods and the most fulfilling creative experience using only biological electromagnetic vibration.” King brought together some of the top musicians in the city to perform with 4-track tape machines, utilizing his collection of extremely high-quality vintage microphones and gear. The album was mixed entirely on a beautiful custom built tube console at his home studio in the Hollywood Hills and delivered to the listener at the highest professional quality. The result is an artistic and original album lovingly written, performed and produced by King.
Essence is what J.D. KING seems to hold in the highest regard as it pertains to the way he interacts with everything. The Los Angeles based musician, songwriter, producer and artist is hypersensitive to aesthetics that surround him from his performances, to his recording techniques, down to the way he dresses. King creates his own world to share with his audiences. This eye for detail also shows up in his highly sought after paintings and illustrations, which are a perfect accompaniment to his music and style. Treat yourself and enter the world of J.D. King, one of the most original artists to come from this time.
Starting from an early age, King’s musical background began by learning piano, which would ultimately ignite his music writing. Later, he would transfer this knowledge and skill to a multitude of instruments including saxophone, flute, cello and eventually guitar, where he would ultimately gain his notoriety. As a member of many Southern California bands in his youth, he would discover and cultivate his writing ability during this time. Finally striking out on his own, his first solo album, Here’s JD King, showcased the breadth of his musicianship pairing his ear for classic and beautiful melodies with his virtuosic guitar ability. An avid record collector since he was in grade school, King’s extensive knowledge, and library, of 78, 45 and 33rpm recordings dates back to the turn of the century. This encyclopedic knowledge of analog music shows in his production taste and compositional style.
For more information on J.D. King, please visit https://www.jdkingmusic.com/
1. Midnight Rendezvous
2. The High Satellite
3. Love Me Back
4. Marianne
5. Luna
6. Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots
7. Eloise
8. You Look Nice Tonight
9. Sunny Sunday Morning
10. The Wooden Man
11. Merkaba Star
 12. Hummingbird