(New York, NY— July 17)


“I went from the traphouse, to the Stackhouse, I can stack now…”

17-year-old Melvoni has been on quite a roll lately, and the Brooklyn-native intends to continue it with the release of his new single “Stackhouse.” The music video for the track also debuted today, and you can watch it HERE.

Get “Stackhouse” now, HERE

Listen to Melvoni’s Debut EP “WHO TF IS MELVONI” HERE via Epic Records.

Melvoni shines brightly on “Stackhouse,” matching buoyant piano keys and a robust set of 808s with a high-energy performance, replete with multiple octaves and an irresistible celebration of newfound riches. His delivery alone, so effortless and genuine, is dance-inducing. And the accompanying music video easily matches the track’s energy, as Melvoni prances around a well-lit room and what can only be described as a “money box” with his partners, throwing money and jubilantly enjoying each other’s company.




It isn’t very often that teenaged upstarts have the deft songwriting ability Melvoni displays on “Stackhouse,” but this is just the latest in a line of infectious jams from the young artist. His signature anthem, “NY,” infuses a classic Ja Rule chorus into a somber, half-sung ode to New York Sh*t, while “No Man’s Land,” his rally cry from a young adult seeking a way out, has eclipsed five million views on YouTube. The latter two songs in addition to “Big Rocks” are all found on Melvoni’s introductory EP Who TF Is Melvoni?, have helped to create an unmistakable national buzz for the young artist, whose lyrics suggest wisdom beyond his years.


The hip hop scene in Brooklyn has enjoyed a productive and intriguing last few years, and the 2020s will likely only prove to be more interesting. With records like “Stackhouse,” Melvoni seeks to guarantee that he’s one of the figures driving that conversation.






When Melvoni screams, “I’m from New York,” it tells you everything you need to know. The 17-year-old Brooklyn wunderkind represents the toughest spirit of New York through and through. Born to Jamaican parents, he spent his childhood back-and-forth between the States and Jamaica. Facing hardship growing up, he ditched his first part-time job after being robbed and turned to the streets. Yet, he took that hustle to the studio as soon as possible, recording music and catching the attention of his manager outside of a concert.  In the aftermath, he found himself in an L.A. studio recording “No Man’s Land”—which originally might’ve featured the late and great Pop Smoke.


Rapping with fire and fury, he bodies minimalist production upheld by organic instrumentation. He quietly clawed his way to the forefront of the Borough’s 21st century vanguard with nearly 8 million views and 5 million streams. As “Memories” caught on, Pitchfork claimed, “It’s only a matter of time until “Memories” is playing from every Bluetooth speaker as New York City high schools dismiss.” Touted by Genius, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator Magazine, Fashionably Early, and more, he inked a deal with Epic Records and emerged as a voice for his city in 2020. He’s ready to go worldwide.



Instagram: @Melvoni | Twitter: @BabyFaceAPM