Download Notification: Nothgard ‘Lightcrawler – Single’

Nothgard, the epic melodic death metal band hailing from Germany, have just released a brand new digital single, Lightcrawler! The single was recorded and mixed by Nothgard‘s very own Dom R. Crey (vocals/guitar) at his Splendid Wave Studios in Germany. The finishing touch was given by the fantastic Maor Appelbaum in Los Angeles / USA. The stunning cover artwork was created by Michal Loranc.

The song is also available on youtube as a dark, atmospheric music video (directed by Dream Film Factory) with intense special effects. The video can be viewed now here:

Nothgard singer/guitarist Dom R. Crey adds: “To me, ‘Lightcrawler’ is a bit more than just a single. The whole thing has slumbered in my brain for some time. I just needed the right trigger to put it into lyrics and music. For the listener, the ‘Lightcrawler’ is just a metaphorical figure, but for me, it is a real being. It is an embodiment of people I met in my life. People who made me feel drained and sick.”

Nothgard entered the official German album charts with their latest album Malady X at #53!

Nothgard line-up:
Dom R. Crey – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards
Skaahl – Guitars
Jan Jansohn – Bass
Felix Indra – Drums

Nothgard online: