Electronic Act VEXILLARY Examines Surveillance Culture With New EP

Innovative New Video: “Maritime Panic” Streaming NOW

July 14, 2020 – New York electronic artist VEXILLARY examines a culture based on surveillance with their new EP, SurViolence. The video for the single, “Maritime Panic” was directed by Reza Seirafi, edited by Svitlana Zhytnia and features visuals by Luqman Ashaari.

SurViolence adopts the theme of unease in an overly politicized society; using surveillance culture as a metaphor on how technology that was created to serve and protect can serve to exploit. Hence the title, SurViolence. The sub-plot of tension and lack of trust in the decisions that are being made for us fueled the eerie sounds and direction of the record.

Voyeurism has been weaponized to give rise to surveillance. Violence has been digitized to replace intelligence. This is where evolution has led us. It’s time to take back control. If only we could have our eyes back to see.

Welcome to the surrealist horror of SurViolence.

Regarding the musical approach to the album, says VEXILLARY founder, Reza Seirafi: “It’s a more brave take on those classic sounds but each song gets a unique flavor and a more modern take. Vocals are out with the exception of ‘”The Geneticistt” due to all the melodic layers and the fluid structure of the songs. There’s lots of variety on the record but it somehow finds a unique balance and stays focused throughout.”