ELM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Whole Year Inn” Video From Italian Noise Rock Unit; The Wait Full-Length Out Now On Bronson Recordings

View / Share ELM’s “Whole Year Inn” HERE.
Italian noise rock unit ELM are pleased to unveil their video for “Whole Year Inn.” Now playing at Cvlt Nation, the tune comes off the band’s The Wait full-length, recently released through Italy’s Bronson Recordings.
Notes the band of the Sin City-inspired clip, “‘Whole Year Inn’ is a quote from a book we love: Leaving Las Vegas by John O’Brien. It’s the name of an imaginary hotel, where the strange, moving love story between Sera, Ben and self-destruction is consumed. Such a perfect story: a kind of bright nightmare, in which even the sunlight is cold. There is no escape, and you chose to embrace it.”
View ELM’s “Whole Year Inn” video at Cvlt Nation HERE.
A fully analog recording, ELM‘s The Wait was captured by Paride Lanciani (Kash, Instrumental Quarter, Maniac Du Jour) and assisted by Alberto Costa, at Oxygen Recording Studios in Verzuolo, Cuneo, Italy in a week of retreat during the hottest summer ever recorded. The state-of-the-art analog environment on the hills overlooking the flat land surroundings of Cuneo served as the ideal place for ELM to fully encapsulate the mood of the songs.
Each of The Wait‘s eleven tracks tells a different tale, but in the end they are all an attempt to express a feeling; a feeling that something is coming… It’s just a matter of time – days, months, years maybe. But it’s definitely coming. What the “it” may be is still a mystery… so we toil on…and wait.
From the Fugazi-feasting on Elvis’ corpse vibe of “44” and the Lightnin’ Hopkins covering Jizzlobber doom blues of  “Believe Or Burn” to the neon-drenched breakdowns of “Whole Year Inn” and the spidery Entombed meets The Jesus Lizard riffing of “Kingsnake” and “Abattoir,” The Wait is an expression of the human psyche. Something restless and looming…
The Wait is out now on CD, digital, and vinyl formats (limited to 300 orange translucent marbled). For orders go to THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in full.
Small towns in the countryside are all obstinately the same wherever you go: loneliness, abjection, rage. From a godforsaken place somewhere in Northern Italy, ELM relays their stories using languages and images of the American Bible Belt, a land of obsessed preachers and squalid moralism; the cradle of irredeemable alienation.
ELM manifests through sound visions of oil kings and preachers, hired killers and quiet neighbors appearing like ghosts on a pitch dark landscape made of old churches and dilapidated ballrooms, where one can smell the sopping moisture emanating from the swamplands at the edge of town. In this, you could plant your roots and just flash another suspicious look, unable to escape a descending spiral that could only end by splitting yourself in two. Yearning to find the perfect ground on which set its stories of love, death, sex, hate, lust, violence, and God, at the crossroad between now and then; halfway amidst exploited clichés and stark reality; between Jim Thompson and Cormac McCarthy, as two sides of the same coin ELM welcomes you to the delightful Italian forsaken suburbs.
“Crunching riffs, fuzzed-out bass, and beats smash each other and then recede, while half sung half snarled vocals act as a warning to the listener. Tread lightly, and you’ll still get your proverbial teeth knocked back in your throat. The angular, aggro music the band puts out will find a common ground with fans of Helmet, classic Melvins, the weirder moments of Clutch, and Jesus Lizard for starters.” — Ghost Cult
“This album intends to tell stories of the American Bible Belt, a land of preachers and squalid moralism. The preacher element is apparent in the third track ‘Whole Year Inn’ where vocalist Matteo Torterolo could well be stood at a pulpit while delivering this performance. Nice rocky beats hold you in place, in fact… ELM have not let loose their grip.” — The Razor’s Edge
“…perfect to be the soundtrack to an escape along a highway lost in nothing and filmed by Rob Zombie, with the police preparing a checkpoint at the end of the straight. This is the noise we like, with the right hit of energy and the ability to get in the head at first listen…” — The New Noise Italy (translated)
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