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The artist formerly known as haroinfather has emerged with his first solo release since becoming ilyTOMMY. “My songs are about romance, sex, and respect,” says Tommelik Rowe, 19, “and it’s time that my namesake reflect that. I don’t want to call Booty a love song, but I definitely caught feelings.”
On the heels of fan-favorite “Ramona Flowers” and a pair of collabs with fellow hitmaker, Savage Ga$p, “Booty” continues ilyTOMMY’s winning streak of sticky-sweet, lo-fi slappers. “Throwin’ ass, throwin’ cash, throwin’ ass and more ass,” TOMMY raps, putting that p*ssy on a pedestal, “booty phat, Mia Glad, Doja Cat, hit my jab.”
As for the name change, the evolution was both natural and necessary. haroinfather was an obscure fan reference to XXXTentacion, the late rapper who influenced many artists of TOMMY’s time. Prior to launching his own artist project in 2018, TOMMY ran an extremely popular XXXTentacion fanpage on Instagram, which is where the name originated. Two years and 200 million streams later, the time has come for ilyTOMMY’s name to rightly represent his highly original brand of “romantic rap.”
“I’m me, and my music has nothing to do with X. I know a lot of people like the name, but I have to do what I believe is right. ilyTOMMY is the future.”
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