Electro-Industrial Artist SPANKTHENUN Announces The New Full-Length Release: Initial Decay Control


February 21, 2020 – Electro-industrial artist, SPANKTHENUN officially announces their full-length release, Initial Decay Control featuring the first single for “Glitch.”

Initial Decay Control is available in both physical and digital formats NOW via Bandcamp.

For fans of: Ministry, KMFDM & Nine Inch Nails

” With “Glitch,” we were going for an early 90s vibe. We also saw this as a good opportunity to use samples throughout the song to give it that old-school vibe. We hear a lot of faster bpm songs out there and we tend to focus on the slower range of bpms: 88-100. We really like the focus on the groove, not just pounding the listener with noise and beats though we do that too. But our records in general go for aggression with a groove versus speed.”