Third Eye Blind Opens Eyes On The Screamer Tour At Hard Rock Live

November 17th

The 90’s was packed with tons of great music that when I listen to now, takes me right back to high school or in some cases even middle school. But the point is that music has that power to make you remember where and when you were when you hear it. With that said, not many bands can do that better then Third Eye Blind. The group had some of the most iconic and memorable songs of that era whether it was the radio, movie soundtracks or Carson Daly on TRL, everybody knew who they were. Now twenty six years after the bands formed and a laundry of awards and albums, Third Eye Blind come back to Orlando with their sixth studio offering Screamer.

Screamer was released on October 19th on Mega Collider with the albums first single under the same name dropping back in July. Longtime keyboardist Alex Kopp left the band to pursue other avenues just before the kickoff of the tour. Colin Creev has filled the spot for his first tour of duty with the band as he is the first to hit the stage to kick off the 7th show of the tour. As his silhouette glows from behind the keys, the rest of the band slowly walk out and before the crowds applause has a chance to subside, the band deliver “Thanks A Lot”, one of many hits off the bands debut self-entitled album.

No sooner was the first song wrapped up when Stephan Jenkins strums that familiar three chords opening that would be the intro to “Never Let You Go”.  It was a surprise to a lot of people when the second song of the night was the classic but hey, nothing wrong with kicking a show off with a hit to make the fans go nuts. Bassist Alex LeCavalier went for a walk across the stage to have a bit of a dual with guitarist Kryz Reid and was nice enough to straighten out his collar mid solo during “Graduate”.

Halfway through the set, singer Stephan Jenkins had the stage to himself for a acoustic moment with the crowd during “Slow Motion” and then joined by LeCavalier and then the rest of the band during “Motorcycle Drive By”. A strong song on its own from the self entitled, but having that unfold live takes you on a bit of a roller coaster ride starting out slow and intimate with acoustic and bass and then a venue full of backup singers for melody and ambiance. And when the band comes its and the stage lights kick on, it serves as a crescendo, taking the audience through the roof and then come back around to just Jenkins, his acoustic and the crowd closing out the song making it one of the big highlights of the show.

The ending of the show had as many hits and as much crowd participation as one concert could possibly handle. Just before the end of the set, Third Eye Blind drop “Jumper” and the crowd immediately drowned out Stephan’s voice with their own as they belted out on of their most popular tracks. Soon the lights go out, but no one in the crowd is buying that’s the end of the show. As the band comes back out and gave the fans “Semi-Charmed Life” which took over our eardrums twenty-two years ago and is as contagious as Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”…. told ya. And for the conclusion to a great show by an extremely talented band, “How’s It Going To Be” would be the send off on a softer note to the fans as the band took their final bow.


Remember to get out and grab Third Eye Blinds newest album Screamer as well as merch and more music at the bands website and all streaming platforms. The bands current tour runs until November 30th, so make sure you get tickets while you can!