Losers Club premieres emotional new song/video and announces tour dates (including opening slot for Cheap Trick)


Breaking The Cycle



Losers Club premieres emotional new song/video and announces tour dates (including opening slot for Cheap Trick)

Losers Club irrupted onto the scene with their infectious debut single, “Emerald Eyes,” in April. The single saw overwhelming success and left fans eager for more. Losers Club is stoked to premiere their brand new single along with the powerful video for “Skywalker.”

Striving to write music that fans can relate to, Losers Club is showing the industry that no topic is off limits when it comes to their lyrics. “Skywalker” is about breaking the cycle and that you don’t have the follow the path of toxicity just because that’s the route your parents took. Realizing that we all live our own lives and even though we may experience tough situations growing up, you can take those experiences to do things differently.

Taking a different direction than “Emerald Eyes,” Vocalist/Guitarist Nate Blasdell shared the inspiration behind the track, “I actually wrote this song a couple years ago for a friend from North Dakota. When we started Losers Club, we were going through old songs that we could use, and we stumbled across the original demo of this. I wound him hitting up the guy I wrote it for and asked him if we could use it again, and he was all about it. We actually kept in a line or two from what he wrote, because it fit perfectly. We’ve actually talked about working on some more songs together, kind of an odd but beautiful mistake.”

Creating an image that perfectly visualized the song was an element that was important to the band given the sincere nature of the song. Blasdell explained, “The last video we did was much more based around comedy than anything. Since that was our first video, I feel like we had to follow up it up with a serious video, something that people could relate to, but still pushed the boundaries, and followed the song. We were initially worried about finding a kid that could pull off the lead role, especially on short notice, but when we found Carter, we knew he was more than capable of pulling it off. He directed us, more than we directed him. We couldn’t be happier with how it came out.”

In addition to the new track, the band is excited to announce they will be hitting the road on their first ever tour. The run kicks off in Buffalo, NY on July 10th and wraps up on July 20th in Converse, NJ and includes an opening slot for the legendary, Cheap Trick, on July 11th in Michigan. Losers Club is excited to take their energetic stage show on the road and looks forward to more upcoming shows. Be sure to follow the band on social media to stay up to date on upcoming announcements.


About Losers Club:

When it comes to the music industry, there are numerous pieces and parts that make everything work seamlessly. Whether it’s the different roles responsible for a live show, the producers/engineers that make the music sound flawless or the team involved in a release. Many times those people are behind the scenes and artist Nate Blasdell is a prime example of that.

On the surface, some may recognize Vocalist/Guitarist Blasdell from metalcore/hardcore projects like The Bunny, The Bear or more recently I Set My Friends on Fire. The tenacious New Yorker has been in the scene since age sixteen, not only in the spotlight on stage but also behind the scenes as a songwriter. Working with bands like MTKO, The Vamps and Big Time Rush, writing pop rock hits has been a passion for Blasdell, in addition to his love for the metal scene that has brought him the most notoriety. Blasdell is ready to step out of the shadows and put that talent on the forefront with his new project, Losers Club.

This project is extremely special for Blasdell as it’s his first time putting himself in the spotlight in a more pop driven project. Finding the perfect musicians to surround him was an easy task as he teamed up with Andy Champion (Roses are Red) and longtime friends Cody Wagner and Aidan Snyder. The combination of these musicians is a perfect storm as their musical backgrounds and influences blend effortlessly.

Losers Club premiered their debut single in April 2019, “Emerald Eyes,” which was written, recorded and produced in Blasdell’s home studio at his parent’s house. the track came to fruition during a snow day when Blasdell was reminiscing about past tours and the different emotions that come with the demanding schedule. The infectious pop rock hit touches on the strain on a relationship tour can take on loved ones. The track is easily relatable even to those who aren’t on the road as many of us have experienced spending time away from the one we love. The memorable debut is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the bright future for this band.