Unearth: Marching through Winter Park

November 9th

As I stand off to the side of the stage at The Haven Lounge, trying to getting my settings right, the side door opens and Unearth pouring in. Buz is the first one through with his 7 string slinging low off his hip, as he props himself up against an old piano. I ask him “Are the Bruins winning?” (I am a Flyers fan but also a hockey fan in general). He says “Honestly man I don’t know, hopefully they are.”.  Ken, Nick and Chris are all standing in the corner of this small area that we are all kind of huddled up in and Trevor stands next to me and says as the lights go off and the crowd erupts “Hey man, you ready for a good time tonight?” And I respond with “Absolutely!” as they all pass by me to hit the stage.

The band rip through the first 2 songs of the set “Incinerate” and “Survivalist”, both off their newest album “Extinction(s)”. The album marks the 7th release from the band since 2001 and was mixed by non other then Fit For An Autopsy’s Will Putney. As the band plays hit after hit, especially anything off of Strings of Conscious or The On Coming Storm, it takes me back to my sitting in my room trying to play their songs on my own 7 string. Through out the night, Trevor Phipps gave everybody upfront their chances to test their vocal range on the mic. Buz McGrath and Ken Susi hypnotized fans with their flawless and aggressive attacks on their signature 7 string fiddles. Aside from Chris O’Toole’s phenomenal bass playing, I have to address the fact he wore the freshest pair of FILA sneakers I’ve ever seen. He even thanked me after the show when I gave him that very compliment. And of course there’s Nick Pierce behind the kit, keeping the rhythm section tight and explosive.

Unearth has been a staple to the metalcore scene since their debut album The Strings of Conscious in 2001 and have continuously outdone themselves with every album. The breakdowns get heavier, the solos are more layered and calibrated and more vocally demanding. The band will be on tour starting May 3rd in Mexico City for Domination Fest through June 15th. But the big event will be their fall tour with As I Lay Dying across Europe starting on October 9th.

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