What is PLUR?

EDC weekend has come and gone, and everyone has their own personal stories of dancing under the electric sky. We could spend months rehashing adventures with the thousands of music lovers who converged to the Las Vegas desert and never get bored of their stories. I personally would like to tell the world about one specific story that started even before the event happened. This is a story of loss and hope,  and how one lucky person had their EDC saved by the kindness that is universally known to ravers as PLUR.

PLUR is an acronym which stand for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. PLUR is the mantra of ravers that is almost as old as raving itself.  PLUR was born during the turbulent times when raves were being shutdown as illegal underground parties, and EDM was classified as techno and something only those that raved listened to. To most it is simply a way of life,  kind of a love all and be good to all type of philosophy. Some believe the term PLUR is a dead thought, or no longer has a meaning in the rave world. However, there are so many stories that surface from ravers that prove otherwise.

On Thursday, June 16th, masses of party goers began  filling  the hotels along the Las Vegas strip. One of those ravers was Nicholas Nick. He happened upon a lost bag, and took his finding to social media: nicholas 1


The response he got to find the bag was staggering! The post was shared multiple times in several Facebook EDC fan pages, and spread through the rave community. After a few hours,   A post       was found:

Nick 2A

The bag owner was not only found, she was quickly reunited with her tickets, cash, passport and IDs.  Her weekend was saved. This happened by chance, had anyone else found her bag, this could have ended differently with one person losing much more than the weekend ahead.

As the event happened, tragedy again reached out its hand and grabbed the same group of ravers firmly, with Nicholas Nick there to help out:


We also found a later post from yet another stranded raver:


If this is what it is like to have PLUR,  the DMR approves.




MrDread Is a writer, editor and photographer of the DreadMusicReview. He is an adventurer who travels as much as humanly possible, and has been to every state except Delaware.

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