VAMPIRE – Launch New Track “Revenants”!

VAMPIRE – launch new track “Revenants”!
VAMPIRE’s way to combine Swedish death metal darkness with the invincible force of Teutonic thrash metal and the nightmarish rapture of Scandinavian black metal is unrivalled. Lugubrious beauty, inscrutable dread and abysmal terrors blended to a concoction most secret and forbidden. “Ghoul Wind” as well as the previously launched rough mix of the album track “Skull Prayer” is a prime example of the undisputable quality of one of Sweden’s most hopeful upcoming bands.
VAMPIRE has another new track “Revenants” available for listening:
“Revenants” (static video):
With Primeval Force will be released digitally in North America (pre-order link below), but many other formats are available here for import:
If you like the new track “Revenants”, you might also want to check out the two previously launched tracks, “Ghoul Wind” and “Skull Prayer” (rough mix version):
“Ghoul Wind” (static video):
“Skull Prayer (rough mix)” (static video):
Release date: April 21st 2017
1. Knights Of The Burning Crypt (4:49)

2. He Who Speaks (3:26)

3. Metamorfosis (3:53)

4. Skull Prayer (2:20)

5. Midnight Trial (4:46)

6. Revenants (6:14)

7. Ghoul Wind (3:24)

8. Initiation Rites (4:35)

9. Scylla (4:39)

VAMPIRE line-up:
Hand of Doom: Vocals
Black String: Guitars
Command: Electric Bass
Sepulchral Condor: Guitars
Abysmal Condor: Battery

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