The Resistance of Men premiere new music video: I AM (In This Moment)

The DreadMusicReview has the honor of premiering a new music video from The Resistance of Men. The video aptly named I Am(In This Moment) is a 5 minute rock and roll ride of pure audio pleasure.

The Resistance of Men

This video follows the members of the band following their daily lives, then playing a small show that appears to end in bloodshed. The video grimly shows how hostile a crowd can be while following the band members in their daily lives before a show, then erupting into a free for all not ending well for the fated band members. All hope is not lost as one small fan shows his loyalty in the end…

You can view the video here:

The Resistance of Men is vocalist Quinton Johnson,  guitarist Stephen Rushing, and drummer Brad Paden.  Brad took a few moments to talk to us about his band. “We’ve been working on this project for about 4 years. We have spent that time trying to write genuine, original songs. We have all been in long term projects before. We are not signed to any label. We have not done any tours, just a couple of shows around the Atlanta area. We are focusing our time and energy on recording the material we’ve put together and working with local independent artists and cinematographers to put together creative material to support our music. We plan to continue doing periodic shows to support our track and video releases. We are planning to individually release 6 tracks, with 4 videos in 2016,at which point we’ll re-release the 6 as a package EP. We have a video shot and being edited now for the other song currently on Bandcamp, “Hide”, so that should be released soon, and are planning studio time and another video shoot this summer.  “

We cannot wait to hear more from The Resistance of Men in the future!!


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