THE CLASSIC CRIME Take Over The Billboard Charts With Debut Of How To Be Human

Take Over The Billboard Charts With Debut Of How To Be Human  

Independent Albums #3
Alternative Album Sales #4
Alternative Albums #9
Rock Album Sales #9
Rock Albums #18
Top Current Album Sales #24
Top Album Sales #25
The Billboard 200 #95

Photo Credit: Robbie Negrin

Coming back after nearly five years in a strong way, THE CLASSIC CRIME’s How to Be Human made a tremendous splash on several Billboard charts following its April 28 release. The crowdfunded album, released via BC Music, reached #3 on Independent Albums, #4 on Alternative Album Sales, #9 on Alternative Albums, #9 on Rock Album Sales, #18 on Rock Albums, #24 on Top Current Album Sales, #25 on Top Album Sales, and #95 on The Billboard 200. You can hear and purchase the album now and on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

The accomplishment and response were not lost on lead singer-songwriter Matt MacDonald, who ecstatically commented: “It’s a testament to the dedication of our fans and the DIY hustle of our team, and proof positive that elbow grease and a focus on quality still means something in this world. It’s not about your label or who you know, it’s about consistently trying your best to deliver your best to your supporters. We couldn’t be more happy with the results.” The Seattle-based rock band’s effort was entirely self-funded via Kickstarter, so it’s poetic justice that the shared passion of the fanbase and artists has translated to such a strong release.

How To Be Human – Track Listing

1. Introduction To Dance
2. Holy Water
3. Not Done With You Yet
4. Ghost
5. Driftwood
6. Wonder
7. Spare Time
8. Shades Of Green
9. More
10. The Third Way
11. Hold On Let Go
12. Black & White

How to Be Human is a release rife with weighty, existential lyricism, as conveyed in the lyric video for “Wonder”, which premiered at Paste Magazine last week. With lines like “Are we just beggars all hanging on for a piece of bread that’s not coming around?”, the track clearly exhibits a lot of what Paste Magazine characterizes as “touching on the struggles and self-doubt [The Classic Crime] may have had along the way” in all the personal changes in life and views in the time between releases.

MacDonald told Paste Magazine: “Maybe it wasn’t worth it. Maybe I should have stayed home. I used to feel comfort in the political, cultural and religious constructs of my youth, but now they seem empty and so do I.’ Facing the reality of being wrong is hard, but grieving the loss of certainty and identity is even harder… There is no tied-in-a-bow answer in this song either, which I think is a first for me. To really linger in the doubt. To let it be, without the insecure need to fix it for myself or anyone else. Leaning into these moments and really exploring them with this song is what’s helped me get through them.”

Check out the band’s video for “Ghost” above!

How to Be Human expands the Seattle-based rock band’s musical horizons with a more dense, layered sound while retaining the trademark lyricism and soaring choruses of singer/guitarist Matt MacDonald. The record’s progression from previous releases reflects MacDonald’s deepened introspection about the changes in himself, his life, and worldview in the time since The Classic Crime’s last LP, 2012’s The Phoenix. As noted in the Alternative Press premiere of “Holy Water”, How to Be Human was influenced by MacDonald researching everything from religion to science to make sense of the world, which has translated into the 12-track introspection on the human condition, in secular and spiritual considerations, and the weight and purpose of individual consciousness.

Even in their earlier, more pop-punk-leaning work, the band has had a knack for being dynamic and dense. Punknews heralded the band’s 2006 Albatross LP for its creativity: “unlike the bands they are influenced by, The Classic Crime manage to craft a mature album that is as smart as it is catchy.” Indie Vision Music hailed 2010’s Vagabonds, calling it “the best anthemic rock release of the year.”

Since forming in 2004, The Classic Crime has worked tirelessly to put out heartfelt music and tour the country to perform as passionately and precisely as possible. Their work ethic, artistry, and passion that has translated to a devoted fanbase, to such effect that How to Be Human’s Kickstarter received triple the desired donors. How to Be Human is the fifth full-length album of new material by The Classic Crime, one which continues to build the culture of passion and character that the band has carried out over their career, while exemplifying their desire to bring their music to vast new levels of both musical and personal exploration.

The Classic Crime is Matt MacDonald (vocal & guitar), Robbie Negrin (guitar), Skip Erickson (drums), and Alan Clark (bass).

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