The Bunny The Bear Releases “The Way We Rust”

The Bunny The Bear Releases “The Way We Rust”
Band considers this their best album to date
 We’ve all experienced difficult times in our lives and the way we handle them is what makes us unique. For Matthew Tybor of The Bunny The Bear, he copes with the ups and downs through his music, which is showcased on the band’s Needful Things Records debut release, “The Way We Rust”.
 While Tybor has struggled with substance abuse in the past, this album is a turning point, not only in his personal life but professionally as this is the first record he’s written clean. The vocalist shared, “This record was written during an extremely trying time in my life. I believe it’s reflected in the honesty of the album. Raw emotion, true to form. Now, nearly a year dry off the booze and as focused as I’ve ever been, I am eagerly anticipating what the future holds”.
 Sobriety was not the only change the band has been going through. Formally a touring guitarist, Joseph Garcia has been brought in as the bear on this record. Tybor is extremely proud of the direction the band is heading in, “I firmly believe this is the most focused and coherent piece of work TBTB has released in the nearly ten years since I began the project.”
 “The Way We Rust” is now available on all major digital platforms and physically atMerchbucket.
About The Bunny The Bear
 The uniqueness of each album is part of what makes The Bunny The Bear so special. Combining diverse influences such as Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Brand New, and The Killers to name a new, Matthew Tybor strives to stay ever-changing and to not limit himself to one specific sound.
The Bunny The Bear exploded onto the scene back in 2010 with their self titled debut album (engineered by Doug White/Produced by Tybor). Without wasting any time, TBTB followed up their first album with “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…” in 2011 and continued to put out a new album every year –“The Stomach For It” (2012), “Stores” (2013),“Food Chain” (2014) and “A Liar Wrote This” (2015).
Tybor has taken his “out of the box music” on the road with bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, Funeral For A Friend, Escape The Fate and many more. The Bunny The Bear has also been featured on Warped tour in 2015.
After departing their previous label, 2017 will be year of change for The Bunny The Bear, including bringing Joseph Garcia in as the bear. Garcia had briefly toured with the band back in 2013 and teamed back up with Tybor to announce they would be releasing a new album, “The Way We Rust”, and partnering up with Needful Things Records. Tybor explains, “I loved the idea of pushing, what I see as a second birth of my project, alongside a new label, ran by someone who I really see eye to eye with. That’s a rare thing for me.”
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