The Bunny The Bear Goes Back to Work

The Bunny The Bear Goes Back to Work
Heads out on a headlining run this summer
    Since the release of the highly anticipated album,”The Way We Rust” in March, The Bunny The Bear has hit the road hard and shows no signs of stopping.  As they prepare to head out with Kore Rozzik, Vocalist Matt Tybor shared, “I’m very excited to be hitting the road again in July. We’re playing quite a few cities we haven’t visited in a while, as well as some of our favorites. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones alike!”
     Being a staple in the hardcore scene since 2010, The Bunny The Bear persists in constantly evolving their sound, all of which can be heard on the latest record,”The Way We Rust.” Tybor used the album as an outlet to face the demons which he has struggled with in the past. Making tremendous changes in his life, Tybor showcased his raw emotions in the lyrics, creating a better way to reach out to his fans. “The Way We Rust” also features former touring guitarist Joseph Garcia, now as the full time Bear.
     The tour kicks off on 7/6 in Atlanta, GA and wraps up on 7/17 in Margate, FL. “The Way We Rust” is available on all digital platforms with physical copies at Merchbucket.
About The Bunny The Bear
     The uniqueness of each album is part of what makes The Bunny The Bear so special. Combining diverse influences such as Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Brand New, and The Killers to name a new, Matthew Tybor strives to stay ever-changing and to not limit himself to one specific sound.

      The Bunny The Bear exploded onto the scene back in 2010 with their self titled debut album (engineered by Doug White/Produced by Tybor). Without wasting any time, TBTB followed up their first album with “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…” in 2011 and continued to put out a new album every year –“The Stomach For It” (2012), “Stores” (2013),“Food Chain” (2014) and “A Liar Wrote This” (2015).  
     Tybor has taken his “out of the box music” on the road with bands like Mindless Self Indulgence and Blood On The Dance Floor. The Bunny The Bear has also been featured on Warped tour in 2015.
     After departing their previous label, 2017 was a year of change for The Bunny The Bear. The band announced they would be releasing a new album “The Way We Rust” (mixed by Kyle Dameron/produced by Tybor) and partnering up with Needful Things Records. Tybor explains, “I loved the idea of pushing, what I see as a second birth of my project, alongside a new label, ran by someone who I really see eye to eye with. That’s a rare thing for me.”
     “The Way We Rust” is an extremely personal album for Tybor as it takes an honest glimpse at many of the demons he had been fighting during the time of writing it, a few of which he is still engaging with daily.
The album’s title describes the gradual decline from beautiful to broken. Matthew explains, “During the writing process, I had forced myself into a head-on collision with all the deep-rooted darkness in me that  I had been relentlessly struggling to keep hidden for far too long. When did it start? Who planted the first seed? Was it all side effects of a disease always there? And if so, had I made a choice to water that seed, nourish it, and embrace its growth? So plainly put, ‘The Way We Rust’ is referring to just that… How we go from being such delicate, innocent children to being such hopelessly damaged goods.”


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