TERRIFIER Bring Their Weapons of Thrash Destruction To Armstrong MetalFest 2017

TERRIFIER Bring Their Weapons of Thrash Destruction To Armstrong MetalFest 2017

New Album Out “Weapons of Thrash Destruction” via Test Your Metal Records

(photo Credit – Derek Carr – Visions In Pixels)

Incorporating jackhammer drums, bulldozing bass-lines, a twin-lead attack that leaves posers pulped in its wake and vocals that can level mountains, TERRIFIER will be performing a demolishing set on day two of this year’s Armstrong MetalFest alongside headliners Revocation, Aggression and more. The two day metal festival is being held on July 14th and 15th in Armstrong, BC at the Hassen Arena. Full fest details can be found at http://armstrongmetalfest.ca.

TERRIFIER vocalist Chase Thibodeau comments:

“We’re getting all geared up for AMF, so be ready for the biggest party of the year! We got weapons of thrash destruction to unleash! We’ll see ya in the pit!”

TERRIFIER‘s performance at the festival will be in support of their new album “Weapons of Thrash Destruction” released in January of this year via Test Your Metal Records to follow their 2013 EP ‘Metal or Death’ and 2012 full-length ‘Destroyers of the Faith’. The album features such soon to be classics as ‘Bestial Tyranny’, ‘Skitzoid Embolism’ and ‘Nuclear Demolisher’ and ‘Sect of the Serpent’, a song inspired by Conan the Barbarian as vocalist Chase Thibodeau says ‘the idea was to trample the weak and hurdle the dead on this one!’.

“Weapons of Thrash Destruction” is available on CD and digital download at the following links:

Other Dates
July 15 – Hassen Arena – Armstrong, BC – Armstrong MetalFest – www.armstrongmetalfest.ca
August 11 – Brookside Resort – Prince George, BC – Metallion Festival – www.metallionfestival.com
Track Listing:
1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)
Album Length: 42:23

For more info, please visit

“Weapons Of Thrash Destruction is relentless from start to finish.” – Bravewords

“The Canadian quintet Terrifier knows full well what its strengths are and it plays to them in spades on the wonderfully titled Weapons of Thrash Destruction…This is a fine thrash record. Should make for a fun concert, too.” – The Vancouver Sun

“Terrifier proudly delivers a true-to-form tribute to the genre that thoroughly kicked the ass of the 1980s: thrash…It’s clear, metal music is not dead. Lurking in the shadows of the music industry are new artists like Terrifier, mastering their crafts, looking to flip the industry on its head. Weapons of Thrash Destruction is an impressive effort, explosively blending classic tricks with a modern, fresh feel.” – Beatroute BC

“Strike in the name of old school Metal, kneel before the gods of Metal that brought you the best music ever played in stereo, hail the insanity delivered by fast paced riffing and unholy melodic rhythms.” – Metal Temple

“The music is fast and tight, the riffs are complex and fun, the production, solos, and vocals are all spot-on, and there’s plenty of humor to boot. In other words, everything one should want from a thrash album is on Weapons of Thrash Destruction.” – Angry Metal Guy

“an old school thrash cocktail designed to blow a hole right through the bulkhead.” – Amps and Green Screens

“This album (Weapons of Thrash Destruction) is straight up unapologetic thrash! Love the album.” – CJSF – Metal Meltdown

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