Strugg the Prophecy Releases Debut Track “Peacemaker”

Check out “Peacemaker” over at Skilly Magazine HERE
BATON ROUGE, LA | JUNE 13, 2017: Today, Baton Rouge’s Strugg the Prophecy is making his first appearance in the hip-hop scene with his breakout track, “Peacemaker,” which debuted on Skilly Magazine. The track is dynamic and dark, touching on the deep subject of depression, substance abuse, and self-destruction, but with an overall theme of hope and perseverance. Strugg elaborates on the track:
Peacemaker is my favorite song on the album, it’s about me being depressed and having tendencies to be self-destructive. However, through all the negative, I have still managed to be where I want to be. I actually also reminisced about periods of time when I abused different substances, and it’s a reminder of who I was and how far I’ve come, so it gives me hope and excites me to see how far I’ll go from this point forward. I wrote it on my apartment balcony. I was recording myself back to back on my phone so I wouldn’t forget how the melodies and verses went. I posted the lyrics to the chorus of this song immediately after I wrote it on Facebook and a friend of mine shared it, and I had to tell them they were my lyrics. Not only does it hold special meaning to me, but I feel it came out perfect without being forced.” – Strugg the Prophecy
Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, hip-hop artist Strugg The Prophecy is among the most blunt and fearless artists of his time. Strugg tells his story of an upbringing in a broken home and overcoming through perseverance in his debut album ATCHE, which is set for release later this fall. As a former vocalist and guitarist in the metal scene, Strugg’s unique take on the hip-hop genre is complemented by his death metal and hardcore background, merged with an eclectic mix of influence in jazz, rap, and indie. In addition to releasing his debut album ATCHE, Strugg is also working on the routing for his first national tour later this year. Strugg is currently signed to Diviner Management who is also based in Baton Rouge.
Head to Skilly Magazine today to check out Strugg the Prophecy’s debut track, “Peacemaker.” Follow Strugg online for new music, updates and more.
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