Statement Concerning Mass Shooting in Las Vegas, NV


Today all of america mourns the loss of 58 concert goers. This is a tragedy that has been seen before in the past, but never at a music festival, and never with such high loss of life and injuries. The shooter sat in a room less than 500 yards above the crowd and unleashed a madness that has never been seen at an event.

We are deeply saddened to see so many lives lost, and so many more injured and scarred. The DreadMusicReview offers our condolences to the families and friends to all who have suffered today, and in the days to come.

We must carry on, and pick up the pieces and we all will continue to go to concerts and festivals, not because we want to, but because we need to. This tragedy absolutely cannot change festivals, even if it has the potential to. It cannot change concerts, even if if has the potential to. It cannot change the human spirit, even if it has the potential to. We must not be afraid of what could be and continue to love all that is given at live music events and festivals.


Image courtesy KTOV news


MrDread Is a writer, editor and photographer of the DreadMusicReview. He is an adventurer who travels as much as humanly possible, and has been to every state except Delaware.

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