Spor Releases Free 5 song EP: Black Eyed

While it is arguable that Jon Gooch is better known for his electro house pseudonym Feed Me, it is his drum and bass persona Spor that first got him noticed in the EDM scene. It is that name that he resurrected with last year’s “Caligo” album, which was hailed by fans of neuro drum and bass everywhere.

Well, he’s back with five new tracks on an EP called Black Eyed. The opening collaboration is with Icicle and Hospital Records’ Logistics, and once “Mind of an Insomniac” kicks in, it kicks in hard. “Know You” is slightly down tempo but elegant. The third track, “Woodruff,” is frenetic and exactly the driven organized chaos that makes neurofunk a blast to listen to. You can definitely hear Phace’s influence on this track. The scattering of percussion reminds me of 2011’s “Out of Focus,” another team up by these two.

“Blurred Vision” starts almost melodically before diving into a pretty decent track, although I have to admit this is probably my least favorite track on the new EP. Rounding out the list is “Figaro.” Forgive the hyperbole, but Figaro is glorious. It’s everything I wanted from a new Spor release. If you like Spor, you’ll like this track. If you don’t like this track, neuro may not be quite the thing for you. Personally? I think it’s fabulous.

But hey, the best part about a free album? It’s free! And if you want to donate a little bit of money and be a good citizen, Spor will reward you with high quality WAV versions of the tracks, suitable for playing on the best sound system you can get your hands on.


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