Six ABBA Solo Albums Due For 180g Vinyl Reissue On July 28

ABBA: Six ABBA Solo Albums Due For 180g Vinyl Reissue On July 28

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ABBA: four letters; four unique talents. Collectively, Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad are known for creating some of the most vital pop music in the world; individually, however, they were just as creative.

Their solo albums may sometimes remain best-kept secrets for ABBA’s long-term fans, but, taken together, they see the four individual members explore a range of styles, from the understated folk-rock leanings of Björn and Benny’s 1970 outing, Lycka, to the contemporary pop-rock of Anni-Frid’s 1982 album Something’s Going On, which was produced by none other than Phil Collins and went on to become the first English-language solo album by an ABBA member – and the best-selling ABBA solo album to date.

In 1985, Agnetha Fältskog enjoyed similar success with the globe-trotting Eyes Of A Woman (it featured contributions from seasoned British musicians, among them The Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward, and was produced by 10cc’s Eric Stewart), which comfortably became a hit around the world, entering the Top 40 in the U.K., the Top 20 in Norway, and peaking at No.2 in her Swedish homeland.

Which, for ABBA, of course, is where it all began. The low-key, Swedish-language Lycka might be credited to Björn and Benny, but Agnetha and Anni-Frid lent their vocal talents to the hit single ‘Hej, gamle man!’ (‘Hey, Old Man!’). Topping the Swedish Svensktoppen chart for 15 weeks in 1970, the song holds a special place in history, as it marks the first time that all four ABBA members sang together on record.

With original artwork pressed on 180g vinyl, these reissues are essential for all fans of ABBA’s music.

Björn Ulvaeus And Benny Andersson: Lycka (1970)

Side One:

Side Two:


Hej, gamle man!

Nånting är på väg


Kära gamla sol

Kalles visa

Det där med kärlek

Ge oss en chans

Välkommen in i gänget

Livet går sin gång

Lilla du, lilla vän


Frida: Ensam (1975)

Side One:

Side Two:


Aldrig mej

Jag är mej själv nu

Guld och gröna ängar

Som en sparv

Ett liv i solen

Vill du låna en man

Skulle de’ va’ skönt

Liv på mars

Var är min clown



Frida: Something’s Going On (1982)

Side One:

Side Two:

Tell Me It’s Over 

I Know There’s Something Going On

I See Red


I Got Something

Baby Don’t You Cry No More


The Way You Do

To Turn The Stone

You Know What I Mean

Here We’ll Stay


Frida: Shine (1984)

Side One:

Side Two:


Heart Of The Country

One Little Lie

Come To Me (I Am Woman)

The Face

Chemistry Tonight

Twist In The Dark

Don’t Do It


Comfort Me


Agnetha Fältskog: Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)

Side One:

Side Two:

The Heat Is On 

Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Can’t Shake Loose 

To Love


I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever



Once Burned, Twice Shy 

Take Good Care Of Your Children

Mr. Persuasion 

Stand By My Side


Agnetha Fältskog: Eyes Of A Woman (1985)

Side One:

Side Two:

One Way Love 

We Should Be Together

Eyes Of A Woman 

I Won’t Be Leaving You

Just One Heart 

Save Me (Why Don’t Ya)

I Won’t Let You Go 

I Keep Turning Off Lights

The Angels Cry 

We Move As One

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