Seinfeld // Emo Nite LA (Featuring Tyson Ritter and String String Quartet)

On Tuesday, June 11th, Emo Nite LA took over The Echo and Echoplex for a fun time of live music, DJs, and a surprise guest! Tyson Ritter from The All American Rejects performs a Seinfeld like skit that is absolutely a spot on tribute to the show while promoting Emo Nite. You can see the video below:




On the intro video, T.J. Petracca shares, “Every month we have a great time putting together a fun little intro video for our show with our director friend Jon Ryan. Seinfeld is one of our favorite shows of all time and we were a little hesitant to tackle it because it is such a masterpiece. But once we got Tyson on board to play Kramer we knew it was going to be good!”

Tyson also performed The All American Rejects new single “Sweat” and performed “Swing Swing” with a string quartet that evening. You can see that video of “Swing Swing” below:


If you haven’t heard of Emo Nite, it  is an event started by three friends, Babs SzaboT.J. Petracca and Morgan Freed,  that brings together people who share the love of emo rock music from the 90’s, 2000’s, and today. Different notable artists and musicians from all genres that have been inspired by emo and pop punk music have either DJ’d or performed at the events, which happen monthly in Los Angeles and regularly around the country in cities like New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Louisville, Phoenix, Seattle and more.

Remember: Every night is Emo Nite!

Bernard Cana

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