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Following on from the band’s latest single – “Certainty” – Guildford pop-rock quartet Seasonal has launched into summer with the group’s brand new single – “Headphones” – to ride the waves of the festival season with this astonishingly melodic and atmospheric rock anthem. The song reminisces on the most enjoyable times in these musicians’ lives and it is meant to be their personal homage to the songs and bands that shaped their personalities and influenced their own music, self-evident from the music video, which features artwork and posters from their favourite records and shot in some of the places that they spent the majority of their teenage years growing up and having their own life-affirming experiences.

In a collective statement, Seasonal reveals of the song’s origin and inspiration: “Musically, the basis of this track came about very quickly – it is all about reminiscing about being younger and having no real responsibilities. The idea came from hearing a certain song that immediately reminded us of those times and we were struck by how strong of a connection music can make with your memory. The video is very simple and true to the song as well. Because “Headphones” is about how certain tracks can trigger memories of past times, it just made perfect sense to feature Matt listening to these songs. We wanted to pay tribute to some of the records that were big parts of our lives, so we deliberately featured a lot of the CD covers and posters of the bands in the shots as well.”

Watch the video for “Headphones” by clicking on the image below.

“Headphones” is also the second single to come from Seasonal‘s just released, brand new EP – “Bloom”! An ensemble of songs referencing the many trials and tribulations of growing up in the UK, “Bloom” is so titled to encapsulate the experiences that the band members have been through in their lives and give visualisation to how something fresh and new has erupted from the undergrowth.

Providing further details about the release, Seasonal shares: ““Bloom” doesn’t have a set message throughout. Each track has its own vibe and story, all related to our own personal experiences growing up. We feel that this is EP is a collection of stories that gives the audience the impression of something fresh and new. We hope you will enjoy it!”

1. “Certainty”
2. “Headphones”
3. “These Games”
4. “Ranger”
5. “Homeward”


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