Saint Ridley Interview

Paul Ridley singingTell readers a little about the origins of Saint Ridley. When did the band first form and how has the roster changed since forming?

The band first started in 2011-ish with Phil and Paul. A bunch of people have been added and removed since then until the current line-up stuck: Paul, Phil, Nathan & Rich.

What project is Saint Ridley currently working on?

Our new album Through Blackened Skies

What brought everyone together for this specific project?

We felt like it was time to shift gears and really try to put more into our music than we ever have, for us and our fans.

This group has toured a lot; what are a few of the band’s favorite things about touring?

All the wonderful people we’ve become friends with all over the country.

Where does the band practice? Does Saint Ridley have a studio space? Mom’s basement? Warehouse?

Paul has a huge basement dedicated to jamming.

Were there any other ideas for the band’s name before Saint Ridley was chosen?

Originally, Saint Ridley was the name of Paul’s solo stuff, since at first he wrote everything, but it has since evolved into something else. To be honest, Paul really wants to change the name.

What is the thing you are worst at?

Returning emails to our publicist. LOL

Have any members of the band had any encounters with ghosts? If so, tell readers about this scary experience.

Not really, but we would like to.

Saint Ridley 2 (2)Who can we expect to see you on tour with in 2017?

A lot of touring and new material such as videos, EPs, and our full album Through Blackened Skies.

Does anyone currently endorse the band and if so who?

Ink Addict Detroit, Monster Energy, and Schecter Guitar Research

With the year coming to a close, what are Saint Ridley’s three biggest goals for 2017?

Tour Europe, play festivals, and spend more time with our fans

Ever been in a gunfight?

No, but somebody shot at Paul last summer when he was sitting on his front porch. Ten shots and all of them missed, thank God.

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