ROPE SECT set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut EP

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets August 4th as the international release date for Rope Sect‘s debut EP, Personae Ingratae, on 12″ vinyl format.

Rope Sect is a German three-piece. The idea behind the name and the first EP is that a bunch of people who are fed up with society move into the woods, founding a sect separated from anyone else. They’re creating their own hierarchy and laws. Those who break the rules will be hanged as well as people wanting to return to their old life or betray the sect. To compensate the traitors or law breakers, new members will be caught – meshed in a metaphorical sense. So, the rope is both the power that is feared and the essence that is adored. The group is reveling in the world’s ruin, becoming intoxicated while waiting for doomsday.

Musically, Rope Sect‘s Personae Ingratae does not grind as one expects; in fact, it does not grind it all. Instead, it drifts along in a desolate fog of deathrock, dirty and lonerist, and uncaring for musical “progression” or conventional definitions of “excitement.” It simply is DEAD: no fun, no hope, no metal, no life. As each of these anti-anthems of minimalist misery weave their web, that sinewy spiderweb soon becomes a noose around your neck – of fear, and also adoration. This Rope Sect leads, and you only follow its dictates of Personae Ingratae.

A sneering in the face of the end, a soundtrack for the downfall while enjoying the rest of their days ecstatically: you are Personae Ingratae. Currently, the whole EP is streaming at Rope Sect‘s Bandcamp HERE; this Iron Bonehead vinyl version will feature two LP-exclusive bonus tracks. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Rope Sect’s Personae Ingratae
1. Fallen Nation
2. Tarantist
3. Pretty Life
4. King of the Night
5. Recess
6. Ochlesis
7. Death is your Lover (LP bonus track)
8. Rattenkönig (LP bonus track)

ROPE SECT is about seclusion.
Renunciation of society.
A dance on ruins.
A doomsday revel.
Naked spite.
Venerate the rope!
Fear the rope!


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