Revival Recordings Act Alteras Kick Off Tour with The World Over

YOUNGSTOWN, OH | June 16, 2017: Revival Recordings signed artist, Alteras is a hard rock/metal quintet from Youngstown, Ohio. The vivacious group was brought together after the realization of a common belief they shared; the creation of music is essential to their well being. Providing music to those that are in desperate need for a momentary getaway, Alteras makes it their mission to touch the hearts of listeners with every melodic strain played. Earlier this year, the band partnered with VENTS Magazine to unleash their latest music video for “Black Box” and today they are thrilled to kick off their tour with The World Over, a tour that follows their recent runs with Awake At Last and In Reverie. The tour kicks off tomorrow in Lansing, IL at Royal Skate Park, for more information head over to now!
Whether they’re on or off-stage, members, Jacob Clasen (vocalist), Michael Dulay (guitarist), Zack Orr (Bassist), and Seth Donchess (Drummer) make it a crucial point to promote and spread their ardent message to the public. With their first EP release Shapeshifter in 2015, Alteras attained a significant amount of merit. With the release for their song “Heartseeker,” We Love Metal blog stated, “in this one song they float in and out of so many genres of heavy music they do a great job of proving the point that you can have great music without having to put a label on it.”
Since gaining traction, the band inked a deal with Revival Recordings and has opened for bands like Palisades, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ghost Town and Smile Empty Soul. Recorded and produced by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studios in Columbus, Ohio; the band thrivingly released their latest album Grief in devotion to their fans. The band puts great emphasis on guiding their listeners to seeing the brighter scope of situations and life in general. They elaborated in saying: “Music is extremely important to us as a band and when we write it’s transparent. I think at the end of the day we just try to be relatable and let everyone know that no matter what you’re feeling you are not alone in being so.
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