Review: Crossing Rubicon- No Less Than Everything


Crossing Rubicon’s new album, titled No Less Than Everything released on Feb 12th, 2016. It is a fantastic album. I went in expecting to hear Jeanne Sagan heavily influencing the album, and was pleasantly surprised at how well the band seamed together. The album has a 90’s metal feel, however you can still feel the modern edge, making this a classic album right out the gate. The opening song, Tomorrow Never Comes opens fast and powerful, nothing less than perfect, setting the classic feel of the rest of the album. The Second song, a personal favorite, Unhinged, is one that we found on repeat, and could easily be a single for this album, followed quickly by Never Again, also single worthy.

This album has many noteworthy songs. The tracks that stand out to us were The Fallen with its amazing guitar solo, Bittersweet Day, Who’s Gonna Save you, and the beginning chants in Violent Carson help make for an epic track. While the album is complimented by Sagan’s bass, on the whole the album is fantastic, a worthy add to anyone’s music collection.


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