Re:Mixx- An EDM event in Fargo, ND


EDM underground is associated with large sprawling cityscapes, where the masses have their choices in where to go for their music needs nightly. Smaller cities have limited resources to major artists and the EDM underground.


This is where DJs like Donny Dahl come into play.  Spinning his style of EDM,  a  house mixture held together with Dubstep, Trap, Trance and pop, Donny Dahl is doing what he can to keep the EDM torch alive and burning in Fargo, ND.  Donny has a style that is all his own, and knows how to keep the crowd moving every time he steps on stage.

I recently had a chance to head to the Pickled Parrot in downtown Fargo to catch a set by Donny.  The beats were fast, hard and the show was very entertaining. One of the issues with the EDM scene in Fargo is few clubs have the right equipment to cater to EDM DJs. To combat that, Donny has his own complete setup, both lights and sound. It is impossible to see him without any type of awesome lightshow happening.


I was surprised by the crowd that attended the event, being a smaller town I expected a few bar goers, and some locals possibly bored with general dive bars, but the crowd steadily filled the venue, with people dancing and drinking to Donny’s DJ set until closing. One of the major hurdles any DJ has in smaller towns is building that faithful flock of fans and supporters.


I brainstormed with Donny, as to why the EDM scene is not larger, when the obvious crowd showed that there is a definite fanbase,  and we were unable to come up with one specific reason as to why there were not more EDM nights in Fargo, But I am glad there are some nights and events where those of us that love bass and beat drops can go to enjoy our music.


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