Refrakt Releases video “No One Like You” to support new album: NEWBORN.

Russian band RefraKt has released a new music video: “No One Like You”. This terrific film-noir video pulls at the heart and mind as we are taken for a melodramatic ride through the first video supporting their new album “NEWBORN”.
Check out the video:

Moscow based Refrakt is an underground band that is on their way to many great things, having performed more than 100 different events and shows in different cities in Russia, including festivals and competitions. Refrackt has an awesome Alternative Rock sound, yet when the word ‘Genre’ is used, the band had this to say:
“Genres are for weak people. What is genre? It locks the musician in a cage. Why do we need to lock ourselves in a cage?We do everything we want. If you need some label for our music, it would be an “alternative”.  Not alternative metal, but just alternative to everything.  It means that we are free to do what we want.  It is a dream of any artist, isn’t it?”
Refrakt is:
Elin- vocals
Doc-Bass, Samples
Mike- Drums.


Refrakt’s album NEWBORN, a worthy addition to anyone’s music library, can be found on itunes at:


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