Public Display of Aggression Interview

Denver’s Public Display of Aggression tell us how they have broken into the metal scene with their self proclaimed ‘Business Metal’ and, of course, crowbars.

What is the music scene like in Denver? How did you break into it?

The music scene in Denver is just huge. Any genre you want to listen to, be it metal, hip-hop, industrial, etc. Whatever you want, you can find it here. We broke into the music scene like anyone does, with a crowbar and some well placed aggression.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome as a band? How did you handle the situation?

Honestly, getting to where we are now has not been easy but the biggest difficulty we’ve come across is just funding. However, where there is a will there is a way… It also helps that James Aggression’s inflamed and over-loved asshole gets the job done.

Who was the first national band you played with? Do you have an awesome story to share from that show?

The very first band we played with that we consider an actual national act would have to be Hed P.E. There was some good and bad that came from that but above all we learned that big crowds are our favorite crowds to play to.

Before you started actually playing music, did you guys ever listen to music together and pretend you were in the band?

Dashing Kenny Daggers had never even heard of music until he tried out for the band. He thought he was in line for the DMV. James Aggression would stick uncooked ramen in his hair and pretend to be Justin Timberlake. Rage played both parts of Jack and Meg White, but not their instruments. He was Jack’s elbow and Meg’s big toe. We keep Murder Mike locked in the closet. We only let him out to drum, and feed him pancake table scraps. Tommy Mayhem used to tell all the trailer park girls that he WAS the real Slim Shady. ‘Round the outside they used to go, eating mom’s spaghetti.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever bought on a whim?

Hookers that look exactly like us. Why you ask? Well have YOU ever been dopplegang-banged?

What kind of equipment are you using? Did you acquire these items over time or did you go on a shopping-spree?

We use a ton of different equipment: Warwick, Ibanez, Schecter, Ampeg, Sennheiser, Pearl, Hartkey, Peavey, Shure, etc. We have such a diverse collection because we have been accruing equipment over all of the years of our musical careers. Unfortunately, we all live the starving musician’s life, but we would LOVE to go on a shopping spree.

How have other genres of music affected your musical style?

There are other bands out there? What’s music!? WHAT’S SINGING!?

What do you do to break through writer’s block?

Well we start off by ignoring whatever Dashing Kenny Daggers says.

Dashing Kenny Daggers- I do all the work myself.

How do you resolve inner-band issues? Do you have a ‘group therapy’ type meeting or just let it calm down?

Depending on the day of the week, issues are resolved with aggressive rap battles or epic dance-offs.

Do any of the band members have any pets? Do they serve as the band mascot?

James Aggression takes in literally every animal that crosses his path. Tommy Mayhem has an asshole of a cat. Dashing Kenny Daggers has a ball of fluff that eats a lot and sometimes shits in a box. Murder Mike collects things that bark. And Rage is smart and dodged that bullet.

How has the band changed and grown since you started? Both musically and personally?

As one might expect we have matured both musically and personally. We have further refined what our “Business Metal” is and how we tell our own story. We have gone through members who we were friends with but did not fit with our path, and people who were musically where we wanted them yet we couldn’t get along with on a personal level. There is a lot of sacrifice that goes into what we do, and not everyone is up for the challenge.

…Plus we stopped wearing tights.

Any parting words for the fans?

Get rekt, son. Riggidy, riggidy rekt

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