Portland Indie Band Fort Atlantic Premiere “Just Hold On” at Paste Magazine


New Album Shadow Shaker Vol 1 Due Early 2018

PORTLAND, OR. – Portland indie band Fort Atlantic will release their third single “Just Hold On” (May 19, 2017), from their forthcoming album Shadow Shaker Vol 1 due out early next year.

The track premiered with partner Paste Magazine who “can guarantee you’ll find yourself mindlessly singing along to ‘Just Hold On'”.

Last month, Fort Atlantic teamed with Glide Magazine to premiere “Sleeping Giant” – a song that “encapsulates exquisite atmospherics reminiscent of Elbow and Sigur Rós, while retaining its own signature crescendo. The compositional matter here ambitiously tells its own story, showing Fort Atlantic as gallanted voice as a songwriter and artist who continues to rouse with each new song.”After a triumphant self-titled debut in 2012 on Dualtone Records, Fort Atlantic – led by singer/songwriter Jon Black – spent much of 2014 in the studio along the Oregon coast and emerged from the studio with fourteen tracks, nine of which made it onto the final version of Shadow Shaker Vol 1. 

A rough 2016, including an emergency surrounding the birth of his son, a months-long hospital stay, and a much less intense but nevertheless painful process of being dropped by his record label and subsequent business teams, led Jon to search for a new start and different way to connect with fans and release music. What developed was a plan to release one song a month, followed by videos, vlogs, experimental art, and more.

“We want to give each song the life it deserves. We live in a time where it is much easier to give people a deeper experience with music, and we want to make sure we have time to do that.”

“I Will Never Give Up On You,” “Sleeping Giant,” and “Just Hold On” from Shadow Shaker Vol 1.  are all available for purchase on iTunes.

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STREAM “I Will Never Give Up On You” (1/2017)

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