One-Eyed Doll’s Kimberly Freeman Announces Solo Album, Secret Lullaby, Set For Release on July 1; Debuts Music Video for New Single, “Rust”

Announces New Solo Album, Secret Lullaby
Set For Release on July 1, 2017
& Debuts Music Video for Single, “Rust

Secret Lullaby Pre-Orders Available Now
Including Instant Grat Tracks &
Invitation To Freeman’s Secret Song Club
Singer and songwriter Kimberly Freeman has announced her third solo album, Secret Lullaby, set for release on July 1, 2017. Perhaps best known as the guitar slinging front woman of rock band One-Eyed Doll, Freeman is exploring new sonic territories on Secret Lullaby, including progressive rock leaning tracks (“Rust,” “Cream and Sugar”), heavy piano ballads (“The Thief,” “Journey Of Art”), and even R&B-inspired beats (“Amnesia”, “The Missing Link”). Teaming up again with longtime producer and bandmate Jason Rufuss Sewell, the pair have created a magical and colorful collection of songs unlike anything they’ve released thus far.

Jason Rufuss Sewell says, “We spend a lot of time in the studio. In fact, it’s our favorite place to be and sometimes we get very creative and make songs that just don’t fit in the One-Eyed Doll rock drums and guitar vein. Over the last few years we’ve been crafting this Secret Lullaby concept and we’re both really excited to let our fans hear what we get up to when we don’t set any limitations or preconceived notions of what style of music we’re ‘supposed’ to make, and just let our creativity flow. One-Eyed Doll is still going strong, and we have some big announcements coming. For now, we hope our fans will appreciate this very special album.”
To coincide with the announcement, Freeman has released a music video for the single “Rust,” which is featured on Secret Lullaby. Freeman explains of the track, “‘Rust’ is the tale of a ship who falls in love with her captain and hopes to keep him with her at sea forever. In his loneliness, the captain loses his mind and follows the sound of a siren, plunging the two to their tragic fate.” The imaginative music video for “Rust” can be seen here:
Freeman ties her natural knack for storytelling into the album explaining, “I’m often inspired by other people’s stories, and Secret Lullaby goes there a lot. Most of the songs aren’t about me, and some of them aren’t even told from the perspective of a human. Each song has its own special background, but here are a few examples:
‘The Missing Link’ is the true story of Oliver, the so-called, ‘Humanzee’ who was kidnapped from the jungle, exploited by his handlers and touted as the missing link between humans and chimps. He was eventually abandoned to an infamous animal testing lab for years, where he went blind. Eventually, he was rescued and taken in by a sanctuary called Primarily Primates in Texas, where he met his best friend and fellow ex-lab chimp Raisin. In this song, Oliver tells Raisin the story of his career as the Humanzee, his time spent in the lab and finally, his meeting of her. I was inspired to write this song after meeting Oliver and Raisin at the habitat. Oliver was a very sweet chimp, and so was Raisin. They were really cute together, like a little old couple.
‘Hoof Horn Tooth Claw’ is told from the perspective of a young pregnant pygmy goat who doesn’t understand the changes that are occurring in her body. Jason, my producer and bandmate, had a goat farm when I met him, so this song reflects a little bit of that time and place in our history.
‘Lions and Lilies’ is a memorial to Jason’s late grandmother who had a beautiful garden of lilies and lion sculptures. She was a brilliant woman, multilingual, owned a translation company and had her own cooking show on Telemundo. The only lyrics are, ‘leones y lirios,’ in tribute to her love of the Spanish Language.
‘Journey of Art’ is told by an old dog who was both blind and deaf. His owner, Art, was a kind man who loved him very much, but who’s untreated Schizophrenia made him unintentionally neglectful of both his and the dog’s health. However through the years, they were inseparable best friends. Very shortly after the dog died, so did Art.”

Unbeknownst to most, Freeman has a Secret Song Club that only a handful of diehard fans have been invited to join. A few of the songs featured on Secret Lullaby have been leaked there, and fans who pre-order the album will receive an invitation to the club and gain access to the several unreleased tracks, and receive instant access to the first single, “Rust.” Fans can pre-order Secret Lullaby at
Track List:
01. Rust
02. The Thief
03. Amnesia
04. To Love A Soldier
05. Cream And Sugar
06. White Dress Princess
07. Lions And Lilies
08. Child Of Yesterday
09. Journey Of Art
10. Hoof Horn Tooth Claw
11. Enchantment
12. Chocolate For Blood
13. The Missing Link
14. Secret Lullaby
About Kimberly Freeman:
Kimberly Freeman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and jill of all trades. Originally from Austin, TX, Freeman is most well known as the front woman and guitarist for rock band One-Eyed Doll, where she has been featured as one of Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Top 20 Most Extraordinary Female Guitarists,’ and one of Revolver Magazine’s ‘Top 5 Most Influential Women In Rock.’ Working her way up from creating handmade merchandise out of necessity (which she still happily does for dedicated fans), Freeman also creates unique and original handmade charms, perfumes, clothing items and more, available at Kimberly’s Magical Charms. Her solo efforts pay tribute to her commanding, yet sensual voice, while allowing her to explore wider musical territories.

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