NEWS: Out Now! KARKAOS Unleash New Album ‘Children of The Void’


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Out Now! KARKAOS Unleash New Album ‘Children of The Void’

KARKAOS has evolved into one of the most reputable and celebrated melodic extreme metal acts hailing from Montreal, QC. Unleashing their debut LP “Empire” in 2014 and EP “In Burning Skies” in 2011, this female-fronted band returns in 2017 with their new offering “Children of The Void”, which features new vocalist Viky Boyer, drummer Justine Ethier (Blackguard) and lead guitarist Samael Pelletier. Recorded, mastered and mixed with Christian Donaldson and Marc-o Frechette at The Grid (The Agonist, Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Beyond Creation) with keyboards done at Silverwings Studios (Blackguard, Ex-Deo , Distoriam), “Children of The Void” also features collaborations with guest artists Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth and Morgan Lander from Kittie along with artwork done by the immensely talented Marcela Bolívar and layout done by Fred Riverin from I Legion.
“We have been working hard for a long time to be able to give you an album that combines beautiful melodies to our own symphonic signature, groovy and brutal riffs to intensity as well as catchy choruses.” comments guitarist Vincent Harnois.

The album is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and all major online retailers.

A full stream of the release can be heard at

Music video “Kolossòs” –

Lyric Video “Children of The Void” –

Track Listing:
1. Babel
2. Skymaster
3. Kolossòs
4. Let the Curtain fall
5. Pale
6. Children of The Void
7. Rêverie 
8. Tyrants
9. Where Mushrooms Grow
10. Lightbearer
11. The Beast
12. Bound By Stars

Show Dates:
May 26 – Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques – info
May 27 – Jonquiere, QC – Le 4 Barils

For More Info:

– 30 – 

“It hammers along from the opening whistle, with clean female vocals and growls to boot….a thundering release, and with melody always bubbling under the surface will appeal to a wide range of metal fans, more so those at the heavier end of the spectrum.” – Raven Heart Music

“Le groupe a tout en main maintenant pour conquérir le monde, car avecChildren of the Void ils jouent dans la cour des grands. Québec-Métal vous recommande fortement cet album dès sa sortie.”  – Quebec Metal 

“The 12 tracks of Children of the Void take you on a symphonic journey, a journey filled with pace & intense metal riffs blended with soaring melodies. The mix of female vocals against the death metal growls, the super-fast drum beats, the screaming guitar solos & action packed orchestral elements really push Karkaos to another level. Think the guitar style of Children of Bodom with the brutality of Arch Enemy & the melodic nature of Epica but with their own unique sound.” – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“the way that Karkaos infuses all of their elements that make it a standout record. This is a band that can strike hard and fast if they want to, and on a number of occasions bring out some rather pleasing, death metal-induced heaviness.” – Dead Rhetoric

“This is massively majestic and leaves a lasting impression and asserts that Karkaos are a band to watch out for.” – Dark Art Conspiracy

“Definitely appealing to the symphonic and melodic crowds and hitting extreme metal and metal audiences in equal measure. Karkaos know exactly what they want to be and exactly where they’re going and are likely to steadily receive more attention for their efforts.” – Noizze UK 

Ok, here is my first impression : Wow! Karkaos, from Montréal returns with this new album and it’s great… The first connection my brain did was Amon Amarth, Karkaos has that powerful sound that makes you ready to go for a journey against stronger forces. All the elements that are added to the music, bring up the word epic in my head. The music is fast and hits hard in all of the songs. I loved this album and will listen to it again.” – Re Zine


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