NEWS: Anti-Christ Mag Premiere NUCLEAR OATH “Faith Let Go”; New Album “Toxic Playground” Out June 9


Anti-Christ Mag Premiere NUCLEAR OATH “Faith Let Go”; New Album “Toxic Playground” Out June 9th

     NUCLEAR OATH is a five-member groovy, heavy, sludgy, intense, and interactive metal wrecking crew from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Influenced by such bands as Pantera, Slipknot, Sylosis, Lamb of God, and Avenged Sevenfold, they will be releasing their new album ‘Toxic Playground’ on June 9, 2017 to follow their debut EP ‘Ashes of the Unborn’. The forthcoming album will take the listeners on a journey inspired by the band’s personal experience and struggles combined with intense energy. They hope each individual who listens takes something different from the band.

“We feel it is an aggressive album from start-to-finish, which generates different emotions as the album progresses.” says the band.

Teaming up with Anti_Christ Magazine, NUCLEAR OATH premiere the third single “Faith Let Go” off “Toxic Playground”.

Vocalist Peter Mercer comments:

“”Faith Let Go” is about releasing the old faith and beliefs you had build up in life and making room for yourself to grow and change your viewpoints, letting go of the past and looking to the future. It’s a short song with a clear message, thunderous kicks in the chorus and groovy, but heavy bass and guitars throughout the song.” 

Check out “Faith Let Go” at the following link:

Album pre-order available at 

1. Into The Depths Of Hatred (4:10)
2. Confessions (3:18)
3. Forsaken Wasteland (3:25)
4. Ambushed (5:11)
5. Faith Let Go (3:30)
6. Razor Blade Regrets (3:35)
7. Sacrifice The Fallen (5:05)
8. Toxic Playground (4:15)
9. Blind (4:18)
(Bonus Track) There Goes The Neighbourhood (5:15) (Remixed and Remastered from 2016 EP Ashes of The Unborn)
Album Length: 42:07

– Guitar/backing vocals: Nick Litowski
– Guitar: Zack Brandham
– Drums: Brandon Sauer
– Bass/backing vocs: Nathanael Bohnet
– Vocals: Pete Mercer


– 30 – 


“This beast (Razor Blade Regrets) is a mid-pace rumbling steamroller pierced by shattering, acid-spewing shrieks and wild howls, and following a bridge, it punches into destructive nail-gunning mode as well. Heavy-grooved and battering, it’s an infectious, high-energy track.” – No Clean Singing

“Bringing a groove side of heavy metal and death metal, Nuclear Oath is giving you a punch and a dance with their new song and NSFW artwork ‘Razor Blade Regrets‘” – Musicology

“They were super professional from start to finish when they filled in on short notice for a show we had a cancellation on, including playing a wicked set of modern thrash that the crowd responded to big time. Would book them again. I’ve also played them on the air and will play them again on the podcast too. Thumbs up from CC Getty!” – C.C Getty (MetalHeads United)

“Nuclear Oath are a tight , high energy act with a professional attitude and good stage etiquette (in terms of set-up, tear down) and I’d be pleased to recommend them for a slot on Armstrong 2017” – Joshua Wood – CJSW – Megwatt Mayhem /
“I really enjoyed working with Nuclear Oath when I booked them in Edmonton. They have an energetic and terrifying live show and great attitudes! They had an incredible ability to read the crowd and really cater the show to fit what the audience wanted. I would happily book them again and again.” – Cara Ashbey (Odessa Management)
“Hard as fuck no bull shit metal” – Mark Russell (Calgary Beercore/ Citizen Rage)
“Intense live band, wicked songs with a high energy sound and stage performance that the crowd can really get into. They treat their band as professionally as they can and are very easy going guys who are fun to work with.” – Nate Reno (Calgary Metalfest)


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