Hi there – New Mt. Wolf album? (DIY, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, Wonderland)


“Ethereal acoustic guitar with atmospheric electronics; Justin Vernon of Bon Iver meets M83… emotionally intense… awesome… a band to speak to your soul?”

“Enough hypnotic electronica to keep bassheads interested, while their folky roots and classical string instruments add depth to satisfy any weary soul”

“Self-starters to the fullest extent… selling out shows at London Heaven and across the country, standing out as one of the most promising new acts in the UK.”

“A must see band.”

London’s Mt. Wolf have experienced much since their early days as a band – line-up changes, enviable hype and interest and, most of all, a sense of expectation that has never left them. With “Aetherlight” they absolutely meet those tall expectations, perhaps more so, they exceed them. Patience has been the key, as the band worked tirelessly behind the scenes towards the all-encompassing sound for the LP that they had always aimed for. After a productive 12 months with super-producer Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83, Daughter) they have returned with a debut album that confirms that sound is now very much realised.

There is true diversity across the record – from the new single “Heavenbound” and its melodic debt to the classic, literate songcraft of Echo & The Bunnymen, The National and Elbow to the expansive collision of skewed folk and post-rock on “Hex”, “Soteria” and “Anacrusis”, the first of which was showcased on an EP last year, all showcasing a stunning use of falsetto and atmosphere to create something quite other-worldly indeed. The band layer tension and beauty across the album’s 12 tracks, teasing melodies, textures and cleverly placed ideas that only reward further listens. There is a sense that nothing on here occurred by accident and that every moment has been pored over. That the wait for this album has been entirely worth it and that the artist would never have settled for anything less – that there was no greater weight of aforementioned expectation for this record than their own.

And so “Aetherlight” triumphs in its precision. This is potential carefully realised and with “Aetherlight”, Mt. Wolf dig their flag in deep to the summit claiming their stake as a band who are here to stay, suggesting there will be many more mountains, even higher than this, that they will conquer yet.


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