NERVECELL reveal more album details for “Past, Present…Torture”

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NERVECELL reveal track list and release date for new album
NERVECELL have set August 25th as the release date for their forthcoming third album “Past, Present…Torture”. The album will be released through Lifeforce Records in most part of the world, while Metal East Records is handling the release in the Middle East region.

“Past, Present…Torture” track list
01. Intro
02. Aadvent
03. Proxy War
04. D.N.A. (Diruo Nocens Acervus)
05. Abyssviand
06. Hypnosis
07. Malice Within
08. Dawn of Decimation
09. Habitual Deceit
10. Maqabre
11. Tree of Lies
12. Treading Beneath
13. Past, Present… Torture


It is a fine line to combine brutality, technical requirements and harsh accessibility in such a way, that the result leads to extreme songs, which listeners like to hear and which they can remember.
NERVECELL master that impressively. The addition of Middle-Eastern folklore accents contributes a decisive part to this. The Dubai-based band is, above all, an uncompromising Death Metal band, but the charm of the “special ingredients” always resonates. And this is how NERVECELL find to musical differentiation. “Past, Present…Torture” marks the group’s third full-length and is the successor of “Psychogenocide” from 2011.

“Past, Present…Torture” was mixed & mastered by Wojtek and Slawek Wiesawski at Hertz Studios (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, VADER) in Poland, the cover artwork was created by Colin Marks of Rain Song Design (ORIGIN, EXODUS, WHITECHAPEL). The album consists of 13 tracks and is the most extreme and versatile NERVECELL record to date. The title speaks for itself, focusing on the state of the world and where we are all headed as a civilization. “Past, Present…Torture” serves as a concise summary for both, the lyrical message and the musical direction. Offering unpleasant truths and a rigorous death metal sound. Just as you know and expect from the beast from the Middle East…NERVECELL!

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 New album “Past, Present…Torture” out August 25th on Lifeforce Records.
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