Mr. Kristopher Remixes Denyse Tontz and Eurythmics

With the goings on politically and socially, we really can’t blame Denyse Tontz for being anxious, and multi-genre Electronic Music Producer Mr. Kristopher’s remix of the Emmy Winning songwriter’s “United States of Anxiety” increases that condition with his signature dark sound.

I structured this remix so that it feels like you’re listening to the sounds of someone’s anxiety fluctuating. I loved this remix because it pushed my boundaries of what I could do with my music!Mr. Kristopher

Grab a copy of his “Sweet Dreams” cover that fuses the Eurythmics AND Manson versions with Skylar Stecker!

“Recreating Sweet Dreams has actually been a “sweet dream” of mine for years now. I wanted to pay homage to the Eurythmics & Marilyn Manson, but at the same time add the dark Mr. Kristopher flair to it without disrespecting these legendary musicians. For the first part of this official remix I recreated the famous melody from the original Eurythmics sweet dreams, for the next part of the song I pulled out a guitar and actually recorded Marilyn Manson’s heavy bridge section, and then transition all of these parts into my signature sounds, all while using the Skylar Stecker’s vocals that were sent to me! I recently learned that sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree? 🙂Mr. Kristopher

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