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“…this apple-cheeked spitfire might just be one of the voices for a new generation of feminist badasses” – Inspirer
ATLANTA, GA | JANUARY 12, 2018 – Bright-eyed and bubbly new artist, Maggie Schneider, has been turning heads since the announcement of her brand new EP, Tinted Glasses, out today! Schneider has been treating fans to tracks from the release with lead single “695 North Avenue,” powerful “Chuck Bass” which was inspired by the Gossip Girl character and is a song for all women who have been harassed or assaulted in any way, as well as a stunning cover of Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day.” Produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low at Track Happy Studios, Tinted Glasses is a culmination of fresh, honest, and open-hearted lyrics discussing relationships, growing up, and navigating through life. Yesterday, Maggie Schneider teamed up with idobi Radio to stream Tinted Glasses in addition to partnering with Substream Magazine for an exclusive track-by-track of the EP. On Tinted Glasses, Maggie Schneider shares,
“All four songs on Tinted Glasses are very personal and are about the experiences and memories that have shaped me as both a young woman and as an artist. The EP explores the highs and lows of life and relationships; it’s about how I’ve grown up in the last year, and the moments and people that have impacted my life thus far. I’m thankful for both the ups and downs because they’ve made me a stronger person and have enriched my music. I hope that people feel connected to these songs.” – Maggie Schneider
Schneider garnered the attention of Inspirer who referred to her as one of the “voices for a new generation of feminist badasses” with the release of her single “Chuck Bass.” The track is a feminist anthem that encourages women to stand up for their rights. Schneider shares, “It’s a sassy song about women valuing honesty and integrity in relationships, over wealth and status. It’s about how I can’t be bought. My song is a positive reminder of how much strength we have as women, and I think that this is an important topic to be expressed in music. It is up to us to celebrate each other and make a difference in the world without diminishing out male counterparts.” Check out the music video for “Chuck Bass” here!
Throughout her career, Maggie Schneider has opened for State Champs, Jonny Craig, Like Pacific, and Courage My Love, to name a few. She is gearing up for an upcoming performance atNew York City’s oldest rock and roll club, The Bitter End, on March 18 with the NY Songwriters Group. More information can be found at
Head to idobi Radio today to stream Tinted Glasses, out now, and check out the track-by-track for the EP on Substream Magazine. Follow Maggie Schneider online for upcoming shows, new music, and more.
“695 North Avenue” (Music and lyrics by Maggie Rose Schneider)
“Chuck Bass “(Music and lyrics by Nicholas William Pena and Maggie Rose Schneider)
“Tinted Glasses” (Music and Lyrics by Maggie Rose Schneider)
“Break (feat. Alex Crain)” (Music and Lyrics by Alex Crain and Maggie Schneider)

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