Watch “Uh-Oh” Official Music Video HERE
Lilac Lungs’ Debut Full-Length Album Eventide to be Released 5/12/17
Pre-orders are available via GooglePlay and iTunes
Watch “Next to Nothing” Official Music Video HERE
DETROIT, MI | APRIL 19, 2017: Indie rockers Lilac Lungs have announced the release date for their debut full-length album, Eventide, set for release on May 12, 2017. Recorded by Lee Albrecht at Lee Albrecht Studios, Eventide is a 10-track rollercoaster of emotions that gets personal with the listener while highlighting the band’s ambient indie rock sound. When developing a concept for Eventide, front-woman Emily Torres wanted to capture a variety of emotions, ranging from love to fear, in order to evoke a feeling of strength and create a safe space for the listener. Today, the band is thrilled to unveil the official music video for their newest single off the album, “Uh-Oh,” which can be viewed here.
Family is a very complex and beautiful thing, but sometimes, life ruins that special bond and taints it. The lyrics in “Uh-Oh” symbolize what it’s like growing up in a toxic home. Using the expression most children use when they are young, “Uh-Oh,” and creating a satire out of it to symbolize coming out of that struggle. The video for “Uh-Oh” symbolizes being trapped in a situation you don’t forsee, but finding the light at the end of the tunnel that shows you being alive is a blessing everyday. Guitarist Johney Birrell elaborates,

“We like to encapsulate that experience of feeling fun and happy, yet being deep and emotional because that’s how we experience life. Looking on the bright side, yet knowing there’s a darker side that no one necessarily likes to talk about. That’s what we tried capturing in this video. Somber, yet hopeful and happy vibes. We want everyone who watches the video and listens to the song to interpret them in their own, unique way. Everyone goes through life with a different story, and everyone will experience our art in different ways. It is our mission to connect with as many people as possible, and if we can elicit positivity for just one person with our music, then all of our hard work is paid off.”

Forming in the late Fall of 2015, Lilac Lungs brings together a group of four friends from various musical influences – Emily Torres (Vocals), JohneyBirrell (Guitar), Terrance Elizondo (Bass) and Matt Jones (Drums), creating a sound laden with ambient synths, hard-hitting bass-lines, and a wide variety of vocal ranges. Since being together, the band has opened for such acts as Emarosa, Slaves, The Orphan, The Poet and has made festival appearances at Arts, Beats, and Eats, Detroit River Days and Port Huron, MI’s annual Blue Water Festival. In 2016, the band was named 89x Radio’s “People’s Choice Award” Winner. With the band’s debut full-length album, Eventide, on its way, the band presents their listeners with a cornucopia of emotion. The album title, Eventide, is the safest resting place for all these songs and the feelings they evoke. Frontwoman Emily Torres states, “I wanted to capture the thoughts of the night, how we fear them and really use the album artwork to represent a never ending sunset as the safe place, where I want to always be lost in.”
Catch the official music video premiere of Lilac Lungs’ latest single, “Uh-Oh.” Eventide, the debut full-length release from Lilac Lungs, will be available for purchase on May 12, 2017. Pre-orders are available via GooglePlay and iTunes. Follow Lilac Lungs online for new music, show info, and more.
Lilac Lungs -
Lilac Lungs – “Uh-Oh” Official Music Video
Lilac Lungs // ‘Eventide’ Track listing:
1. Welcome to the Fallout
2. Next to Nothing
3. Uh-Oh
4. Fallen for Your Face
5. Us vs. Ourselves
6. Guard Dog
7. Fine
8. Circle
9. All I Have
10. Young Warrior
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